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    The cold and wet days came quicker than we would have liked this year, which means we have to get our winter sneakers out of the closet again. Because, as the saying goes: There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing. Just because it's raining and getting colder now doesn't mean we can't wear our sneakers anymore. Luckily, the market offers countless options for winter-ready sneakers.

    In this article we list our top 10 winter sneakers for 23/24. You can also find general information about sneakers here, which are ideal for the colder days of the year. There is now a really good selection of sneakers that will keep you warm and dry and still look really good. Including leather sneakers, waterproof sneakers or outdoor sneakers . You will find out how to wear your sneakers properly in winter at the end of the text.

    These are our top 10 sneakers for the winter

    To give you a rough overview of which brands develop waterproof and warm sneakers, we have selected our top 10 sneakers from the Asphaltgold online shop. We decided based on how functional and comfortable the sneakers were. There's something from many brands and probably one or two new silhouettes that you haven't had on your radar yet.


    Hoka One One has added a Gore-Tex upper to the Tor Ultra Hi for the more demanding seasons. The upper consists of a combination of nubuck leather and mesh. The toe cap is made of rubber so you can trudge through puddles or mud. And the Vibram Megagrip outsole ensures that you don't slip. Hoka's models are in high demand right now and will give your tech winter look the finishing touch.


    The Air Force 1 Mid Fresh comes – as usual – made of white smooth leather. The Air Force 1 is particularly suitable for autumn and winter because it is made of leather. And leather sneakers ensure your feet stay dry and warm. The material is naturally robust and durable. We think the mid version is well suited because it also keeps your ankles warm. If you waterproof the sneaker properly, it will get you through the colder days and look great at the same time.


    The Arc'teryx Norvan Nivalis GTX offers comfort, lightness and support. No matter whether you're hiking or going into town in the rain. The upper is equipped with Gore-Tex technology. The ankle-high overlay with zipper also ensures that your feet stay dry.


    Crocs are super trendy right now. So why should you go without shoes in winter? To keep your feet dry and warm even in winter, there is the Stomp Puff Boot. The silhouette looks super similar to classic Crocs, but the holes on the upper are only hinted at, so your feet stay dry.


    Converse always makes really good sneakers for winter. The All Star Lugged 2.0 Boots come with a higher shaft that provides additional protection. The chevron sole gives you grip and looks really good. The canvas is waterproof and the sewn tongue also ensures that your feet stay dry and warm. The fleece inlay makes the lined sneaker perfect for cold days.


    The Rainier from New Balance is weatherproof and durable. The rubber outsole ensures that you have the right grip with these shoes in every season. The sneaker is perfect for the colder months. Did you know that the shoe has been on Mount Everest? The mountaineer Lou Whittaker developed the shoe together with New Balance and climbed the highest mountain in the world with it.



    With the XT-6 GTX from Salomon you will not only stay dry through autumn and winter, but you will also look really good. The brand has been conquering the sneaker and fashion world for several years and remains true to the technical advantages.


    With the Adifom Superstar Boot your feet stay really dry. They are rubber boots with a sneaker look. The heel counter is inspired by the adidas Superstar. The platform sole lifts your feet further off the cold ground and the Adifom material protects against dirt and moisture.


    The shoe is equipped with a mud & snow sole that offers a chunky tread, almost like a tractor tire. The sole gives you excellent traction and grip. Especially on muddy paths. The rubber sole also has anti-freeze properties making it ideal for wet weather and winter running.


    The All Star Chucks have been with us for half a century. And since their release they have received quite a few upgrades. The highlight for the winter is the canvas upper with Gore-Tex technology. With the 70s Chuck you can easily go out on wet days and not have to worry about wet feet.

    The most important features for winter sneakers:

    Cold and wet days require sneakers made of waterproof, warming and dirt-resistant materials. Here we give you an overview of all types of sneakers that are suitable for the coming months. For several years there has been a really large selection of all sneaker brands. And of course it's important to us that the sneakers still look good, otherwise we could go to the nearest outdoor shop and buy winter boots there. We want to stick with sneakers, that's clear. Here and there the boundaries are blurring because the big brands are developing their silhouettes so much that they no longer have much to do with the original shoe.

    We still have to say openly and honestly that sneakers are rarely completely waterproof, because you need rubber boots for that - even though Adidas already has them. Sneakers are more likely to offer water-repellent or rainproof properties.

    Waterproof sneakers ensure dry feet

    Waterproof sneakers are robust and ensure that water, snow and dirt do not easily penetrate the material to your feet. The most well-known technology used for the upper of sneakers is the Gore-Tex membrane.

    The membranes consist of billions of pores. These pores are 20,000 times smaller than a drop of water. They ensure the fabric is waterproof. No matter what the weather. But not only that, Gore-Tex is also breathable and windproof, which insulates your foot and gives you protection at low temperatures even in winter.


    Look for the Gore-Tex label. Almost every sneaker brand releases classic silhouettes with Gore-Tex technology without losing the design of the sneaker

    Of course, there are also alternatives to Gore-Tex technology, because natural materials are also waterproof, for example leather sneakers. Leather naturally offers protection from cold and moisture. That's why it has been used to make shoes for over a thousand years. If you take good care of your leather sneakers , they will remain durable and robust for a long time. We have created a category for you where you will find all waterproof sneakers.

    - > Here you can find all waterproof sneakers in our online shop

    Lined sneakers keep you warm

    Waterproof sneakers are great, but on freezing cold days we also need to have shoes in the closet that will also keep us really warm. Fortunately, there are more and more lined sneakers in the sneaker world every year.


    Even with lined sneakers, you should make sure that the upper is waterproof. Because it is important to keep the heat in the shoe. This only works if the sneakers stay dry. The perfect sneaker for winter is waterproof and lined.

    You can recognize some collections by the addition of “Winterized,” and Nike in particular uses the term to indicate sneakers that are suitable for winter. But all other brands also offer warm sneakers, which you can also find here.

    - > Here you can find all winter sneakers in our online shop

    How to wear your sneakers correctly in winter

    Keeping your feet warm and dry in autumn and winter is not just about choosing the right sneakers. You should also consider a few other things. We give you the most important tricks.

    1. Waterproof and care for your waterproof sneakers

    No matter what guarantee you have on your waterproof sneaker, you should care for it, clean it regularly and still waterproof it. Every impregnation has a limited shelf life. Wear, dirt and other contaminants can eventually affect the material quality of your sneakers. We cannot make an exact statement as to how long an impregnation will last. Some brands say that you should renew shoes after wearing them for the tenth time, but our partner Jason Mark recommends renewing the waterproofing every 4-6 weeks. The best way to test whether your sneaker is still waterproof is to put a few drops of water on the sneaker and see how well the water rolls off. If you want to know how to properly wash your leather sneakers, we recommend our guide.

    -> This is how you clean your leather sneakers properly


    2. Put on proper socks

    If your lined sneakers aren't warm enough for you, you should use really warm socks. There are some brands that rely on warming technologies that are perfect for winter. But even the simple, slightly thicker sneaker socks are much better than the short summer socks.

    -> Here you can find all the socks in our online shop


    3. If you're still cold, buy warm insoles

    There are really good insoles for sneakers that also “feed” your waterproof sneakers. If you don't like them that much, we can also recommend SOS insoles. You can buy them in any drugstore, they provide up to eight hours of warmth and are super cheap - although not as sustainable as lined insoles.

    4. Buy sneakers with a chunky profile and slightly higher soles

    The further away you are from the cold ground, the better. It is therefore always advisable to wear sneakers in winter that have a slightly higher sole.

    5. Wear all black sneakers

    It's wet in autumn and winter, so it's hard to avoid getting stains on your sneakers. If this particularly bothers you, it's best to buy All Black sneakers. They are super durable when it comes to dirt and are easy to clean. And always remember: You should also waterproof All Black sneakers.

    6. Choose a high-top sneaker

    It is particularly important for us that our ankles are warm. High-top sneakers protect your ankles. They ensure that neither moisture, wind nor cold gets into the sneaker easily.

    -> Here you can find all the high-top sneakers in our online shop


    Our conclusion

    Just make sure your sneaker is waterproof and lined. Sneakers made of smooth leather, with the Gore-Tex membrane, or rubber are best. If you get cold more quickly than others, you should also get proper socks and insoles. Last but not least: Waterproof your sneakers regularly for the winter so that your shoes stay dry and your feet stay warm.

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    Here you will find numerous sneakers that are suitable for autumn and winter:


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