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    Dear Asphaltgold community: welcome to 2023! By now January is almost over and our buyers are already back from Paris Fashion Week, where they already got a preview of the upcoming seasons of sneakers - and fashion brands. So it's high time for us to dare a little outlook on the year 2023 and talk about trend sneakers 2023. We can already reveal: there's something going on! In addition to the trends that have already indicated in the second half of 2022, there is also a large portion of newness at the start!

    Retro basketball & high-tops we will still see this year, also all-white has been on top for years. In addition, there are a lot of new variants of retro-futuristic millenial runners, outdoor and trail silhouettes, foam slides, but also the so-called post-sneakers will make their grand appearance in 2023. So scroll down, read through what's trending this sneaker year and get inspired. If you're missing a trend, you can always contact us on Instagram or email - feel free to give us feedback!

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    Our first sneaker trend of 2023, and perhaps the one that is already very visible, is the adidas Samba - an absolute indoor soccer classic that made its way through various subcultures for decades until it has now arrived in fashion. We can promise: we will see the Samba on many stylish feet in 2023. But the triumph of the Samba also radiates onto some other (especially) adidas models with flat soles. Many simple suede trainers, which in the last few years found appeal mainly in the casual scene, adidas has now been able to present to a broader fashion stage, such as the Gazelle, which absolutely got wind under its sails through the Gucci collaboration last year, but also, for example, the Campus - here BadBunnyPR is waiting for its collabo release. Nice side effect of this sneaker trend: the price of Samba and Co usually keeps within limits and is around 100€, so absolutely affordable!


    Basketball silhouettes (especially from the 1980s) and high tops aren't exactly new, but they're also here to stay. Especially the ankle-high versions of classics we see on many feet this year, just think of the New Balance BB650, the Jordan 1 or the Rivalry High. The 650 in particular is going to be exciting in our eyes: after all, the NB BB550 was one of the sneaker trends 2022Let's see if the higher version can catch up now. In general, it can be said that almost all brands have now caught up with retro basketball. ASICS, known as THE running brand par excellence, has also added a solid basketball silhouette with the EX89, which you will definitely see and hear more about in the coming months!

    Still flying a bit under the radar and a bit off the basketball radar might be Autry's mid variants, such as the Medalist or Open Mid. Especially in the first third of the year, where dirty weather is quite the order of the day, the midcut with smooth leather definitely saves the day. But also in summer with shorts the more than ankle-high models simply pop!

    By the way: if it should be a low top, check out the adidas Centennial.

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    In our second sneaker trend 2023, we're getting right down to business: after celebrating retros of classic runners from the early noughties for the past 5 years (ok, spoiler: we still do), it's getting really technical. An absolute sneaker trend in 2023 is high-end performance sneakers and outdoor silhouettes.

    Whether it's Nike ACG Hiking Boots with Goretex membrane, Salomon trail runners, the New Balance Hierro series or the eye-catching running models from HOKA: function in everyday life is completely on the rise, if not already an absolute trend since 2022, especially due to the Gorpcore trend. But why not? Why shouldn't trail running or hiking shoes, which are trimmed for stability, flexibility and comfort, also arrive in everyday life?

    What's more, the look of the shoes is usually more than contemporary and progressive. And honestly: even in the city there is the one or other adventure (in the rain?) to experience, so performance sneakers are also there well aufeghoben.

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    Now it's getting wild - but also not quite easy to explain. A very clear sneaker trend in 2023 are retro-futuristic silhouettes that borrow from the 00s, but also before and after. Thus, we see less the Millenial classics in metallic tones, but hybrids from the golden era of "Sho me what you got" sneakers: adidas is really far ahead of the game here and particularly eager to experiment. So it's fancy models like the Orketro, the Esiod or the massive Roverend Adventure that spearhead the line-up of the Three Stripes for 2023. New Balance very successfully sends the U90/60 into the race, which has a classic 900 uppers, but at the same time scores with a modern cut and a very present midsole. Surprisingly, Converse in particular, which is known more for clean Chucks, is involved in this sneaker trend: especially the collaborations with A Cold Wall are more than unusual, but also the Chuck Taylor hybrids show that the brand is absolutely forward-looking!

    What we continue to see, however, and what we are of course happy about: especially ASICS and New Balance have managed to establish their Millenial Runners in such a way that they are firmly anchored in the sneaker scene this year as well. GEL-1090 v2, 1906R, 2002 and Co we will of course continue to welcome in many colorways!

    A very special comeback celebrates at this point the Nike Vomebro 5 from 2012, which was not released for a few years. Meanwhile, 5 colorways are at the start and the restrained style on a fancy silhouette makes quite something. In general, we notice that the Millenial silhouettes are released more and more in muted colors and earth tones. So they also adapt to the "most casual" outfit more and more and are no longer just loud!


    Crazy that we're covering non-sneakers as a sneaker trend in 2023? Maybe, but we take it realistically: besides the many sneaker variations we have for you again this year, it will be classic non-sneakers that we will also see a lot in our scene: here it is especially Clarks Originals and Dr. Martens, whose simple models you can rely on, but also Birkenstock, whose slides have long outgrown their "own four walls" and can be worn quite unironically as part of an outfit outside. Whether Boston or Arizona, the 2023 sneaker trend is here! At this point we should not forget the Reebok Beatnik, which is on the market as a Slide and Moc and just appeared as a collabo with Needles!


    We push ahead that we as Asphaltgold of course wish that you all buy the sneaker models that you find beautiful. But since this is a blog post about sneaker trends for 2023, we want to at least take a look at THE must-have Sneaker 2023: the first one is clearly the adidas Sambawhich is already outshining the competition. Simple style, restrained and suitable for almost any outfit.

    Must-have No. 2 is the New Balance 1906, of which there have already been first releases. Don't worry, there are more to come. The Millenial Runner, which has come mostly in earthy tones, looks like a more mature, evolved form of the 2002, making it perfect as a 2023 sneaker trend! Alternatively, you could of course look to the Nike Vomero 5 fall back!

    Absolutely, and especially as summer approaches, you should keep an eye on the Birkenstock Arizona and Boston models. Whether you dare to sport them outside as part of your outfit, or as a "at home" shoe, you won't be able to pass them by 2023 at the latest!

    A fourth must-have is the XT-6 from Salomon. Not an absolute insider tip, we know, but perhaps the most well-rounded pick in this list. After all, the simple colorways also go to chicer Outfits - with the trail running equipment, the XT-6 is still an absolute beast in the terrain. Absolute all-rounder!

    A fifth must-have and perhaps a mix of trail/outdoor and millenial runner is the GEL-Sonoma 15-50. So far, the runner has been somewhat under the radar, but is currently thawing: the collaborations with Anderson Bell and A.P.C. were certainly helpful. Asphaltgold offers a nearly double-digit number of colorways - in every color and matching every style!


    As in every year, it will be exciting to see if our sneaker trends 2023 will really prevail, or if we will see completely different sneaker models on our feet. But honestly, we have some experience there!

    What's interesting to see is that, at first glance, a lot of things are similar to what we've seen in recent years. And yet, there have been a lot of updates. For example, individual trends continue to evolve over the years. Whether it's retro basketball, trail/outdoor or millenial runners. The basic trend remains, but the style changes, individual models lose relevance, others appear out of nowhere - sometimes you also notice that brands (have) slept through a trend and want to catch up. In the end, however, it's you out there who decides what's comfortable, what you like and what will end up being trendy. And that's why you can find Asphaltgold's entire sneaker selection with more than 1000 models and hundreds of colorways here, as usual:

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