Adidas Gazelle

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    The style classic from the early 70s is back. Designed in 1965 in Herzogenaurach, the all-purpose training weapon experienced its first moment of glory at the 1972 Olympics in Munich, when world-class swimmer Mark Spitz thrilled the audience and presented the Gazelle after his races. This type of product placement advertising was still illegal at the time, but made the Gazelle universally popular and helped it become a global success! The shoe has been continuously improved and revised over the years. The same materials, colors, textures and proportions as the original were reissued in 2016, but the original roots remained. One of the best features is the oft-used soft suede upper. The three famous stripes stand out on this one for contrast. The simple design makes the adidas Gazelle a clean everyday shoe. In a wide range of colours, this retro classic actually leaves nothing to be desired!