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    After it became quieter around the label with the death of founder Jim Autry in the 90s, Autry is back on the international market since 2019 and from now on also part of our assortment.

    Unlike in the past, the heritage-influenced brand is more lifestyle-focused these days. Thanks to minimalist unisex designs in retro style with the characteristically contrasting sole, the Sneaker to almost any outfit and can be combined in many different ways. Typical for Autry: the logo with the United States flag and the use of premium materials on all shoes. For example, Autry uses nubuck and other high-quality leathers in addition to smooth leather.

    About Autry

    The older hands among us still know Autry from childhood. Founded in Dallas in 1982, the brand quickly gained notoriety in the sneaker market thanks to timeless designs and innovative technologies. Autry was particularly popular in sports such as tennis, aerobics and running - Tennis Magazine voted the Medalist the best shoe in 1985, and two years later Runner's World awarded the Jetstreamers model five stars.

    The fathers of the comeback are Alberto Raengo and Régis Billard. As self-confessed Autry fans, it was a matter of the Frenchmen's hearts to bring the brand back to life.

    Autry Sneaker

    Originally, Autry sneakers were designed for tennis, aerobics or even as running shoes. However, like most sports shoes, they are now worn in modern street style just the same. Unlike other well-known sneaker labels such as Nike, Adidas or New Balance Autry has dispensed with many new models and collections in the past and still reflects on the roots of the cult sneaker.

    Thanks to a lot of innovative ideas and in the field of design and technology, Autry is very famous and has even received some awards. The label inspires its fans not only with its authentic sneakers, but also with the matching clothing. In the Asphaltgold online store you will find a varied selection of Autry sneakers and clothing for men and women.

    Autry sneaker ladies

    The sneakers from Autry have a rather loose fit. Since everyone should get their money's worth here, the label has designed models for women (marked with a W) in both the Autry Medalist and the Autry Dallas. These look a bit more compact, e.g. due to the slightly shorter lounge and are available in different colorways than the models for men. At Asphaltgold you can get Autry Sneakers for ladies in the colorways White/Pink, White/Red or White/Baltic Sea.

    Autry sneaker men

    The Autry sneaker models that are not marked with a W have a good fit for men. The sneakers are slightly larger in their fit and are available at Asphaltgold in sizes 40-46. We recommend that you order your Autry sneakers a half size smaller when selecting them, as they do run a bit larger. The Autry Sneaker for men sneakers are available in both the normal and mid version. These can be casually styled with men especially with shorts.

    Autry Sneaker
    Autry Sneaker White

    Autry Medalist

    Probably the most famous sneaker model in Autry's range is the Medalist. This sneaker bears its name not without reason, because the great Autry comeback after its change of ownership was closely connected with the great success of the cult sneaker.

    In the original Autry Medalist a low-top sneaker in classic white. In the meantime, however, there are also new editions in other colorways that are in no way inferior to their high-quality role model, such as orange, green, goat white or purple. The upper of the Medalist is made of 100% smooth leather, the sole is made of rubber. Inside the sneaker is equipped with suede, the perforated toe area ensures good ventilation and the padding on the ankle makes it an absolute all-round talent for sports or as a Streetwear. Also at Asphaltgold you can find the Autry Medalist in different colorways.

    Autry Medalist Cracked Leather
    Autry Medalist Goat White
    Autry Medalist Leather Sneaker

    Autry Medalist Mid

    The Autry Medalist Mid is similar to the Autry Medalist in most features. It also has a sturdy rubber outsole and a high quality upper made of smooth leather and suede as inner material. The only difference is that on the Autry Medalist Mid, the heel cap on the back of the sneaker is raised further, giving the ankle even more stability. This particular look makes it particularly easy to style with men's shorts. We also have a few models of the Autry Medalist Mid in stock for you here in our online store!

    Autry Medalist Super Vintage

    The Autry Medalist Super Vintage is available in both the normal and the mid version. What immediately catches your eye with this model is the cool used look due to a worn effect on the leather, which was inspired by the iconic sneakers of the 80s. This unique used look is made possible by various innovative hand-applied treatments. Each Super Vintage Medalist is therefore unique. The unique sneaker is made of leather with multi-layered inserts, a rubber sole and has slightly frayed laces that match the worn look of the uppers.

    Autry Medalist Super Vintage
    Autry Medalist Sneaker

    Autry Dallas

    Following the successful comeback of the Autry Medalist in 2019, the down-to-earth label launched another casual sneaker silhouette with the Autry Dallas. Since Autry was founded in Dallas in 1982, this sneaker could be an ode to the brand's authentic roots.

    Like its predecessors, the Autry Dallas also impresses with a sleek design and high-quality materials. Again, the upper is made of durable smooth leather and the lining is suede. The rubber outsole and extra padding in the ankle area provide a super comfortable feel. Of course, the Autry branding on the side of the sneaker can't be missed here either. The Dallas appears mostly in a clean white, only the heel cap sets off in different colorways from the rest of the sneaker.

    Autry Clothing

    Colorful and down-to-earth - that probably describes Autry Clothing the very best, although there are of course also pieces in muted colors, such as gray and black. Here in the Asphaltgold online store you can get the Autry Sweatshirt or Autry t-shirts in bright colorways like orange or green. But we also have the popular Autry Polos in white for you in stock. Made of 100% cotton, the sweatshirts and t-shirts have a rather loose fit and are provided with a logo print on the chest. But to complete your Autry outfit perfectly, you definitely need the Autry socks with their cool logo print on the sole. Just click through our Autry range and let yourself be inspired by the casual pieces!

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    "Autry is the 'more is less' approach to footwear, the alliance between North American nostalgia and European know-how," Régis Billard describes the philosophy of the authentic label. In the Asphaltgold online store you are guaranteed to find your new favorite pieces from Autry! Browse through our selection and discover the Autry Medalist and the Autry Dallas in many different colorways and designs and let yourself be inspired by the clothing pieces in the store.

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