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    Terrace and casual - two terms that stand for a very special subculture in the sneaker scene like no other. They are closely linked to special sneaker models such as the adidas Trimm Trab, which have been the shoes of choice for casuals, a grouping within the UK football scene, since the 1980s at the latest. The term Terrace can be derived from the standing areas in the stadiums where the fashion style originated. Casuals were fans who paid particular attention to their look and appearance when they went to the stadium. So it's no wonder that casuals wore designer clothes from various brands and especially their sneakers were meant to project a fashionable image. That this subculture had a great influence can still be seen today, because the term "Trabs" is still used in regions around Liverpool as a synonym for sneakers.
    Not only the Trimm Trab was and still is a terrace casual sneaker by adidas that is very much in demand - also the famous adidas Stan Smith and the adidas Gazelle enjoy a huge demand. Especially the adidas Gazelle was always present within the 80s casual Terrace Wear and also fully trendy in the 90s with the rise of Brit Pop.

    Terrace Fashion in modern Menswear

    Terrace Fashion has been transitioning from subculture to mainstream for quite some time now. Many designer brands that were associated with this culture at the time no longer are, or at least not as strongly. This is partly because Terrace Fashion has moved away from its roots as a sports subculture and has become more and more of a lifestyle. However, adidas in particular still has a strong standing in casual culture, but is not the only brand being worn. For Reebok Classics, New Balance, Puma & Co. have their justified following as well.

    What makes up the Terrace/Casual look

    In addition to the sneakers, which are an important distinguishing feature, the rest of the outfit is of course also crucial for "the" Terrace Casual Look. Casuals usually incorporate the following elements into their style:

    • Trench Coat
    • Hooded Jacket
    • Track Jacket
    • Cap
    • Trainers

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