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    When talking about contemporary streetwear, its origins and current trends, sooner or later a very specific name comes up: Shawn Stussy. As the founder of the Stüssy brand, there is hardly anyone else who has had such an influence on the development of streetwear. Meanwhile, the product range is no longer limited to surfboards and tagged shirts.

    about stussy

    The story behind the brand begins in California in 1980. At the time, Stussy was an avid surfer and built his own boards for friends and relatives. At some point he gets the idea to write his last name on the boards to make a little advertisement for himself and his surf crew. The legendary Stüssy logo is born. This is followed by T-shirts and swim shorts, which are also very well received by the surf & skate community in Laguna Beach. Within a very short time, Stussy makes a name for himself throughout the region. He sells the shirts and shorts out of his coffer room and never has anything like a business plan. He simply does what he feels like and what goes down well - and with success. Shortly after, he teams up with his friend Frank Sinatra (no relation to "the" Frank Sinatra) and starts selling his brand in local stores as well. It's not long before Stüssy can also be found in showrooms in various major cities across America. Stussy draws inspiration from various subcultures and the urban lifestyle of the 80s. B-boying, hip-hop and graffiti are as much influences as Rasta culture or artists like Keith Haring. A few years later, Stüssy is already making millions in sales. Today, it is impossible to imagine the streetwear business without the brand. It paved the way for other major brands and virtually reinvented fashion for young people at the time. In 1996, Shawn Stussy resigned as president of the company and sold his share to Sinatra. But to this day, the world-famous logo consists of the tag that Stussy scribbled on the surfboards on a whim in 1980.

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    Streetwear by Stussy

    stussy for men

    Most of Stussy's pieces have been launched in loose fit, making them perfect for the male silhouette. Depending on how loose you like your fit, you can choose your size accordingly in the store. At Asphaltgold you can find most pieces in sizes S to XL.

    stussy for women

    Stussy has been inspired by the skater, surf and hip-hop community since its inception, which is why most pieces are available in loose fit. For women, however, there exists an extra category of Stussy pieces that are cut a bit narrower and show off the female proportions more. However, this does not mean that the other parts are taboo for ladies - quite the opposite. Because of course the pieces in the loose fit can also be worn by women.

    stussy t-shirt

    The t-shirts from Stussy are the perfect all-rounders for everyday wear. Like most pieces in the range, they have a loose fit and are therefore suitable for combination with slimmer pants. Mostly equipped with the popular Stussy logo, you can get them in the basic colors black or white, but also in pastel shades like blue, green or yellow, which give your skater or surf style that special touch.

    stussy shirts

    The shirts of Stussy convince with their eye-catching and completely different styles. If it can't be colorful enough for you, you will definitely not be disappointed here, because the shirts inspire the fashion addicts in the most different colors. For example, you can't go wrong with the Stussy Poppy shirt in the summer. With its loose fit and the allover print in bold colors, it draws all eyes to you. But also in colder temperatures Stussy equips you with the perfect styles, because also lined overshirts in loose fit belong to the extensive range of the brand.

    stussy hoodies

    Stussy hoodies bring the ultimate California vibe to your closet. With their casual cut in a loose fit and the belly pocket on the front, the hoodies are the perfect choice for a relaxed look in everyday life. At Asphaltgold you can find the Stussy hoodie in muted colors, like black or olive. Especially the Stussy Contrast Stitch Label Hoodie stands out with its brightly contrasting seams and gives your outfit a sporty touch.

    stussy sweater

    The sweaters from Stussy give you a casual skater look. With a classic crewneck and relaxed loose fit, they 100% embody the fashion spirit that has inspired the surf and skater community for years. In contrast to the hoodies, you can find the Stussy sweaters at Asphaltgold in eye-catching colors like red or orange. Especially the Stussy Sport Sweater makes a statement with the big Stussy logo in college style and its bright red color.

    stussy pants

    Like most of the pieces from Stussy also the Stussy Pants have a loose fit and inspire the surf & skate community with their sporty look. At Asphaltgold you get among other things the Stussy Dyed Nylon Surplus Cargo Pant. With the characteristic cargo pockets pockets and the drawstring for an adjustable waist, thed the pants are super practical and comfy at the same time. For a more simple look in everyday life provides the Stussy Brushed Beach Pants in black. An absolute comfort piece made of 100% cotton.

    stussy shorts

    Stussy lives up to its brand history with these casual shorts. Not only because the gaudy swim shorts pick up exactly the surfer style that the community celebrates so much, but also because the normal shorts embody the urban lifestyle of the 80s that inspires Stussy every day. You'll find the Stussy Smooth Stock Water Short at Asphaltgold in a bright neon color with the Stussy logo print on the leg with an elastic waistband for the perfect fit.

    stussy jackets

    Depending on how you prefer to combine your favorite Stussy pieces, you may need a thinner or thicker jacket. Stussy has the coolest pieces for all kinds of weather in store for you. Especially in winter the Stussy Puffer Jacket is very popular. With its cotton-nylon mix it is the perfect companion in cold temperatures and feels very comfy due to its oversized fit.

    stussy accessories

    No round outfit without the right accessories! Asphaltgold has a wide selection of Stussy accessories in stock for you. No matter if Stussy Bucket Hat, Cuff Beanie or Stock Low Pro Cap - here you are 100% trendy with every piece. Of course the Stussy Socks are also available at Asphaltgold. With every Stussy accessory you can create your own individual style that makes you unique. So just browse around and let the different pieces inspire you!

    stussy collaborations

    Also on successful collaborations with brands like DC, Nike, Patta,Levi's, Vans or Bape, Stüssy can look back. One of the latest collaborations is Stussy x Tekla in the summer of 2021. The Copenhagen label with the comfort pieces has ventured a first step in the streetwear direction through its cooperation with Stussy. The summer-focused collection consists of surf capes, pajamas or even bedding, among other things. It can be said with a clear conscience that Shawn Stussy has left a lasting mark on the fashion world and that many major brands are benefiting from his pioneering work.