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  • Die besten Winter-Sneaker 2022


    The fact that summer has long since come to an end, by now it can no longer be denied! The days are getting shorter, the temperatures are decreasing more and more and from autumn we are slowly heading towards winter. To be prepared for the cold gray days, you now get the thick hoodies and winter jackets out of the closet and also rummage out scarves and beanies.

    But also in terms of shoe choice, there are some tips and tricks that will keep you from walking around with cold feet in the coming months. The thin, air-permeable summer sneakers we now pack further back in the shoe rack and devote ourselves to models that prepare us better for the winter, especially in terms of material. Besides classic Leather sneakers like the popular Air Force 1 we also have other models from brands like adidas, Salomon, Converse and many others in our assortment, which are made of waterproof as well as dirt-resistant materials.

    Below, therefore, is a listing of our preferred Winter sneaker for the year 2022, what makes them so practical and tips on how to survive the winter without freezing (at least on your feet).

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    Basically, we think that all Sneaker are unisex and every color scheme and model can be worn by both men and women, even if the size distribution does not always fit every foot. Therefore, we do not want to divide here grandly into the best Winter sneakers for men and women divide, but make a list for all genders. Wear the sneakers you like!

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    A big theme in winter, of course, take sneakers made of leather. The natural material comes with some practical features, which is certainly the reason why the first leather shoes were made several thousand years ago. By nature, leather protects us from the cold and wet, ensuring warm feet. Leather is also very robust and resistant, so it can prove itself in virtually all situations or even weather conditions. To make your leather sneakers even more durable, it is recommended to regularly spray the shoes with waterproofing spray (e.g. from Jason Markk). Especially smooth leather, like most Air Force 1 models or the adidas Forum have, can be cleaned easily. We have a good selection of sneakers made of suede as well as smooth leather in our store.

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    Of course, the higher the sneaker on the leg, the better our ankles are protected from the cold. So-called high top sneaker can therefore not be omitted this winter and are virtually the boot among the sneakers. Whether lined with soft fleece, or reinforced with textile, high sneakers offer us stability and warm feet. Whether it's a high version of a classic like the Air Force 1, adidas Forum or Centennial or a winterized version of the Converse All Star Hike Hi, we are also broadly positioned here and have the right high-top model for everyone.

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    If you want to adapt to the gray drabness in terms of color, it's probably best to go for an All Black sneaker, i.e. one that is completely black.
    The color choice not only suits the weather, but is also super practical if you don't want to be affected by wetness and dirt. So black sneakers are by nature comparatively dirt resistant and are easy to clean. Moreover, you can probably combine a black sneaker with almost any cool winter outfit!

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    The trend of the so-called outdoor sneakers or tech sneakers does not pass us by this year! Thus, outdoor sneakers are not only super hip and indispensable from the current fashion world, but are of course also perfect for rainy or snowy autumn / winter weather. Brands like Hoka One One or Salomon equip us here with stylish and functional sneakers and often rely on a mix of rubber, textile or patented materials such as Gore-Tex.

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    When it comes to water-repellent functional clothing or sneakers, one material is indispensable: Gore-Tex! The water-repellent membrane ensures that your feet stay dry in wind and weather, but still breathable. This year we can again look forward to a large assortment of sneakers (and clothing) made of Gore-Tex in our online store. In our online store you will find a variety of Gore-Tex sneakers from Asics, Vans, Salomon or even Converse.

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    Leaving aside the outer material of the shoe, there is one aspect in particular that will make sure your feet are ready for winter: the lining. While thickly padded textiles can keep you warm, there's nothing like softly lined sneakers to get you through the winter safely. Whether a fluffy Air Force 1 or an updated Converse All Star - check out our selection!

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    Finally, we have once again created a top 10 ranking of our all-time favorite winter sneaker models. The listed models impress with functionality and comfort, as well as (brand) diversity. We are sure: there is something for everyone!

    1. Nike Air Force 1 Mid '07 LX

    2. Karhu Fusion 2.0

    3. Nike Air Force 1 '07 *flax*

    4. adidas Centennial 85 High

    5. Salomon XT-6 *chocolate fondant*

    6. Nike Lunar Force 1 Duckboot

    7. Vans Vault SK8-Hi Reissue Notchback GTX LX *Cabin Fever*

    8. Hoka One One u clifton l suede

    9. Dr. Martens 101 Boot

    10. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Lift Platform

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    To protect your new winter sneakers from cold and dirt, we always recommend using a good waterproofing spray! The Jason Markk Repel Spray, which can also be found in our store, is particularly suitable here. If the sneakers do get dirty, the stain can be removed well in most cases with the help of the Jason Markk Cleaning Kit.

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