Asphaltgold Store Darmstadt

A new, appealing store concept was what made us open the doors of Asphaltgold Sneakerstore Darmstadt back in 2016 at Darmstadt's Ludwigsplatz. Selected high-quality footwear for both women and men as well as men's apparel constitute our choice of products. Friendly and qualified service for our clients on top. When it comes to contemporary streetwear we have high demands – only brands we are 100% convinced of will make it into our portfolio.

"Quality Over Quantity" has also been the guiding principle in terms of interior design. Our generous store area provides plenty of elbowroom, while the Spirit Room picks up the pop up idea and hosts temporary exhibitions. Come on in – our motivated staff will help you find your new favorite piece and tell the story behind it. And maybe you'll get hold of the grail you were hunting for ages in our Heat For Need window and thereby even support a charity project.


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Asphaltgold Store Darmstadt

Ludwigsplatz 8a
64283 Darmstadt

Store remains closed until presumably May 2021

Safe pick-up at store entrance still possible:
Mo - Sa, 1 pm - 3:30 pm