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  • Anleitung: Stoff Sneaker richtig reinigen

    This is how you clean fabric sneakers properly

    We are often confronted with the question of how - especially - to get white fabric shoes properly cleaned again without damaging the upper. That's why we give you step-by-step instructions and we answer the most important questions about cleaning fabric sneakers. We'll also give you tips so that you can easily clean your sneakers again in the future. And: We clear up the myth about whether you can wash your sneakers in the washing machine.


    Cleaning fabric sneakers: step-by-step instructions

    We prefer to clean our fabric sneakers ourselves by hand. This way you can make sure that you clean your shoes properly and don't do anything wrong. Because you can see where and how you clean the sneaker. Further down in the text we will also explain what you need to consider if you decide to use the washing machine. First of all, this is about washing sneakers by hand.


    Step 1: Remove shoelaces

    Since the shoelaces take the longest to clean, you should remove them first. The good news is that you can wash your shoelaces in the washing machine. For light stains, you can simply put them in your next load in the machine and then hang them up to dry. If there are stubborn stains, we recommend that you soak the shoelaces with a stain remover beforehand and only wash them after a few hours.

    Tip: Use a laundry net for the shoelaces to ensure that they don't get tangled with the rest of the items.

    If your laces are dry, you can rethread them after cleaning the sneaker.

    Tip: If your shoelaces are crumpled, you can iron them with an iron or flat iron on a low setting. You can use a fabric razor to remove lint. Afterwards the laces look like new.

    Step 2: Set aside all cleaning utensils

    Lay out a towel so the surface stays clean. To clean fabric sneakers, you need a soft brush for the upper of each sneaker, cleaning agent of your choice, a sponge or microfiber cloth, an eraser or dirt eraser and a waterproofing spray.


    Step 3: Clean the sole

    The sole of sneakers is usually the dirtiest, so it's best to clean it first. Depending on the material of the sole, the stains can be really deep. To remedy this, there are some cleaners that are specifically suitable for the sole. We have already had good experiences with this. You spray the sole, let the product take effect briefly and then scrub thoroughly with a brush. You can also get rid of most stains with an all-purpose sneaker cleaner. Among other things, we recommend the Premium Shoe Cleaner or the RTU Foam from Jason Markk. We have been cleaning with Jason Markk cleaners for years and you can use them on all materials.

    You can also use baking soda to clean your sneakers. Simply mix 1:1 baking soda (or baking powder) with dishwashing liquid and apply the home remedy to the sole using circular movements. If it foams, let it act briefly. You can then wipe off the foam again with a brush, sponge or microfiber.

    Tip: To quickly clean your sole, you can also use dirt erasers from the drugstore or a regular white eraser from school. They work wonders on the sole and destroy almost every stain

    Step 4: Clean the upper

    That's why you make it easier for yourself if you use a mild cleaner without dyes. You can use a mild dishwashing liquid, liquid soap or baking soda mixture. If you want to be on the safe side, you can use professional cleaning products. Here we can recommend the RTU Foam , which you can use immediately and without extra water. But Jason Markk's Premium Shoe Cleaner is also suitable for all materials.

    Tip: If you are unsure about your cleaner, test it on the inside of your sneakers and wait a moment to see how the material behaves.

    You also need a good brush. We recommend the Premium Cleaning Brush . Because it is soft, you can use it on all materials. You can also simply use another gentle brush or even a toothbrush. Hard brushes are more suitable for the sole and silicone brushes are very good for suede.

     Wet the brush, take your cleaner and go over the entire upper with gentle circular movements. Once you've finished cleaning, remove the remaining foam and dirt with a cloth.

    Tip: If you want to wear your shoes again soon, work with as little water as possible. Or just treat the stains directly. Sneakers take a while to dry again.

    Step 5: How to eliminate odors

    If you want to make your fabric sneaker fresh again from the inside, you can buy a suitable shoe deodorant and spray it from the inside.

    But you can also use baking soda or baking powder here. Sprinkle two tablespoons of the powder into your sneaker and leave it on overnight, then simply vacuum or shake it out.


    Tip: Regularly use a disinfectant spray on the inside of your fabric sneakers.

    Step 6: Let the sneakers dry

    Our favorite step: Let your sneakers dry properly. You don't have to do much for this except wait. To reduce drying time, you can stuff your fabric sneakers with newspaper. It is important that you dry your shoes in a place that is protected from direct sun and heat. The influence could discolor the upper or lead to dry edges.


    Step 7: Waterproof your fabric sneakers

    You should definitely waterproof fabric sneakers because, unlike leather sneakers, water and other liquids penetrate directly into the fabric. The advantage of impregnation is that stains and abrasion are less likely to penetrate the material and cleaning is much easier. We can recommend the Repel Spray from Jason Markk. It repels water and oil and can be used on all materials.

    Tip: Waterproof your fabric sneakers every four to six weeks. The best way to test its effectiveness is to put a few drops of water on your fabric sneakers and see how well the water rolls off.

    We always recommend treating your sneakers immediately if you come home with a stain. The faster you remove dirt, the easier it will come out. And the longer you can enjoy your sneakers.


    Tips and tricks for white fabric sneakers

    It actually doesn't matter whether you want to clean colorful or white fabric sneakers. There are no differences in cleaning. With white fabric shoes you just see the stains more quickly. But it can also happen that the upper overall gets a gray or yellow haze. Therefore, if it is particularly important to you, we recommend that you clean your white fabric sneakers more often and treat stains directly. Afterwards you should always waterproof your white shoes. Even if it's difficult, pay attention to when and where you wear your white sneakers. Especially if it's a fabric upper, you should leave your white sneakers in the shoe cupboard on wet days. This will prevent you from getting muddy stains on your shoes. We always read that white sneakers can be treated with bleach. We strongly advise against this. This means you can end up destroying more than you would like. We also often get asked whether you can put white sneakers in the washing machine. We will explain to you why we advise against it.

    Wash fabric sneakers in the washing machine

    The easiest way to wash your shoes is in the washing machine. But, and unfortunately it is a big “but”, we advise against it.

    In our article “ Washing sneakers: How to do it correctly ” we have put together all the relevant information for you.


    But we'll summarize the most important facts for you here:


    • Fabric sneakers can be machine washed

    • Always pack your fabric sneakers with a laundry net or pillowcase

    • Remove the insole and all applications (laces, dubrae, etc.)

    • Also wash shoelaces in the laundry net

    • Stuff the washing machine with two to three towels

    • Wash at a maximum of 30 degrees

    • Use the delicates program and select the short wash cycle

    • Set a gentle spin (approx. 400 - max. 800)

    • Use a maximum of a third of the detergent

    • Stuff your sneakers with newspaper

    • Let them dry away from sun and heat


    But be sure to note:

    • Leather sneakers cannot be put in the washing machine

    • Sneakers with elaborate decorations and solid applications should also not be put into the machine

    • Under no circumstances should you put sneakers in the tumble dryer

    • Don't use fabric softener

    • Washing may cause yellow glue residue to become visible on the sole

    • The cushioning of the sole can break

    • The shape of your fabric sneakers may become distorted

    • Applications can come loose

    You can see that the risk of washing your fabric sneakers in the washing machine is high. Just because washing was successful once doesn't mean that the sneaker will survive the wash the second time. So we recommend that you wash a sneaker a maximum of once or twice and only if you have no other way to get the fabric sneaker clean. Instead, take a few minutes and clean your sneakers by hand.


    By the way, there are other things to consider when cleaning leather sneakers . We have already written a detailed text on this topic:


    -> This is how you clean your leather sneakers properly


    Conclusion: You can clean your fabric sneakers yourself

    We advise you not to wash sneakers in the washing machine. The risk is simply too high that the shape will distort and the material will suffer. You'll enjoy your favorite sneakers for much longer if you clean them carefully by hand. You can do this yourself with cheap home remedies or specially made sneaker cleaners. And if your fabric sneakers are really dirty, we recommend having them professionally cleaned in a shop rather than using the washing machine. If you are looking for fresh, new sneakers, we are happy to help you.


    -> To the Asphaltgold online shop


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