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  • New Balance Modelle: Trendmodelle und Klassiker

    The story of New Balance and the chicken

    You can see them everywhere on the streets: New Balance models of all kinds. Although the New Balance brand was founded over 100 years ago, it has not always played as important a role as it does now. This is mainly due to the fire in 1906 was actually founded for something completely different, namely the production of orthopedic insoles. The company only began producing sneakers in the 1960s. The first model was called “Trackster”.

    New Balance Trackster

    It was the first running shoe that was available in different widths and captured the zeitgeist with its innovative wave-shaped sole. Running boomed in the 1970s and New Balance grew enormously. Jim Davis, still the brand's chairman, took over New Balance in 1972 when it had just six employees. Back then, around 30 pairs of shoes were made every day.

    What started as a small company quickly became a thriving medium-sized company with around 4,000 employees, which continues to hold its own successfully on the global sporting goods market to this day.

    The company founder William Riley was inspired by his observations of the chickens in his garden when naming it "New Balance". He believed that a thirteen-footer provided optimal posture support. Sounds unbelievable, but it's true. The ubiquitous New Balance “N” logo that we know today was only introduced in the 1970s with the launch of the 320 model .

    New Balance 320

    Previously, the band had no clear aesthetic identity. The simple "N" logo not only changed the look, but also catapulted New Balance to the top of the most popular running shoes with the new model.

    Now, over a century later, everyone wears New Balance models on their feet. And when we say everyone, we mean it. From managing directors, to athletes, to sneaker enthusiasts to the kids at school. This is mainly due to the product range of New Balance models and their differences. But even so, the individual silhouettes seem to appeal to different groups. In America, many “Dads” initially wore the 990 series. And at some point all the cool kids and models outside of the fashion shows.

    New Balance 990

    In the late 90s, some football fans discovered their love for New Balance sneakers . Especially for the 574. At some point, however, each model spilled out of its bubble and thrilled the broader masses.

    And because there are countless New Balance models, whether low-top, high-top or retro silhouettes , we want to give you a detailed overview. And who knows, maybe there will be one or two models that you don't know yet and that will completely convince you.

    All New Balance models at a glance

    New Balance divides almost all models into numbers. These are often very similar within the series and sometimes they have nothing in common with each other on the outside. And to make things even more difficult, there is the addition “vX” at the back for further developments . We probably don't have enough space to list all of New Balance's models here. That's why here is an overview of almost all New Balance model series:

    • New Balance 00s
    • New Balance 100s
    • New Balance 200s
    • New Balance 300s
    • New Balance 400s
    • New Balance 500s
    • New Balance 600s
    • New Balance 700s
    • New Balance 800s
    • New Balance 900s
    • New Balance 1000s
    • New Balance 2000s

    We speak of “almost all” model series because there are of course also shoes outside of the numbering, including the Rainier , for example. Not all categories are relevant in the sneaker bubble, so we have summarized the most important New Balance models for you.

    We already talked about the New Balance 300s series when it came to when the “N” was first seen, namely on the 320. Another well-known model from the series is the New Balance 327. The silhouette particularly attracted attention through the collaboration with Casablanca in 2020. The 400 series includes the chunky silhouette 452, which some people are probably familiar with. The 420 is probably one of the New Balance classics. Among the 500 models, one silhouette in particular has been stealing the show since 2019: the New Balance 550 . However, the 574 also plays an important role, because the shoe from 1988 significantly influenced the casual trend worldwide and is still important in the scene today. The same applies to the 576. The New Balance 530 has been seen everywhere since around 2022 and gives every outfit a real dad vibe.

    The sneakers in the 600 category are not at all similar. Among other things, there is the 608, which is similar to the 425, and the New Balance high-top silhouette 650 . Not to forget the 670, which also adorns some of the casual scene. The 700 series is also super different. We also see the 754 more in the casual scene and the 725 is similar to the 530. In the 800 series, the 827 and 860 silhouettes are super interesting. Unfortunately, the 827 only received brief attention thanks to its design upgrade by Aimé Leon Dore. Among other things, the 860 perfectly captures the 2000 zeitgeist.

    The New Balance 900 series is the most important when it comes to retro dad sneakers . Surely everyone knows the New Balance 990 by now. Some people may imagine it to be different than others. Because with the 990 it is important to note the “vX” information. Since the first model, the “v1” from 1982, there has been the New Balance 990v6, which hit (virtual) shelves in 2022.

    New Balance 990V series

    But the 991, 992 and 993 have also become an integral part of the roads and are very similar to the 990. The most famous of these is the 992 – Steve Jobs’ favorite shoe.

    Nearly last, but not least: the 1000 series. The most popular sneaker from this category in 2023 is the New Balance 1906. The classics from the series are the 1300, 1500 and the 1530. The two models were an indispensable part of every shoe cabinet in times of the Pin Roll movement. At the moment we see less of the silhouettes, but we'll definitely see them on the streets more often at some point. The end of the overview of all New Balance models is the 2002R from the 2000 category. After its release in 2010, it initially didn't inspire many people and has only been on many feet again since around 2021.

    You see, New Balance has many models that you can't always tell apart straight away because they are very similar. And some of them hardly anyone knows, while other models have become icons. That's why we want to show the most interesting models in more detail.

    The classics from New Balance

    New Balance is one of the brands known for its classic and retro models . Of course, this is also the case with other brands, but especially with New Balance, you can quickly make a mistake when it comes to old models, because some people will be surprised: Many sneakers, which are often called New Balance Retro, are not that old.

    Nonetheless, New Balance released some silhouettes that are still celebrated today, more than 30 years after their release. That's what it should be about now.

    The New Balance 574 came onto the market in 1988 as an experiment, combining a road and trail runner. The 574 sneaker comes with premium suede and mesh, making it not only stylish but also comfortable. Mainly because of its cushioning in the sole. The New Balance 574 is an important shoe, especially in the casual scene. It has been an integral part of the fan curves in football stadiums for decades. The silhouette is still worn by ultra fans to this day, but the shoe is also known and popular in the mainstream. The silhouette is certainly not the hype in the sneaker world at the moment, but it is a classic. It wasn't until 2023 that a collaboration between Stone Island and New Balance was released on the model.

    New Balance 574
    New Balance 574

    In 1982, New Balance laid the foundation for the shoe that is loved worldwide. New Balance's goal was to find the perfect balance between flexibility and support. To this day, the 990 sneakers are part of the “MADE in USA” collection. This means they are manufactured exclusively in factories in America. The price is therefore quite high, but justified because of the good quality of the shoe. The 990 series also played a key role in driving the “dad sneaker” trend. The brand now even advertises it as being “worn by supermodels in London and fathers in Ohio”. Since its first release in 1982, New Balance has continually developed the classic further. The sixth further development, the “v6”, has been available since 2022. Probably the most celebrated models are the “v4” and “v5”.

    New Balance W990GL6
    New Balance M990GL5
    New Balance U990TA4

    The most famous dad shoe is the New Balance 992. This model was Steve Jobs' favorite shoe. This got him a lot of attention. The 992 was originally launched by Jonathan Bacon in 2006 to mark the brand's 100th anniversary. Production was initially stopped in 2010. Two years ago the shoe came back to the (virtual) shelves. It is the perfect canvas for collaborations and general release colourways, whether in gray or brightly colored.

    New Balanace 992

    In 1989 the 1500 series came onto the market. This model is made in Flimby, England and is part of the MADE in UK collection. The wedge-shaped shape gives the foot a good look, while the subtle "N" logo on the side subtly represents the brand. With its damping, called ENCAP, the 1500 is a technical one All-rounder. The model has left a lasting impression, particularly in the area of ​​collaborations with shops and other brands. Especially in the group of pin roll wearers. Currently, the silhouette needs a spotlight on itself again. Then nothing will stand in the way of a big comeback.

    New Balance M1500INV

    The currently most popular New Balance models

    In addition to the absolutely timeless classics from New Balance, there are also one or two new models from New Balance that are currently turning the world's heads. Hardly any other brand has recently managed to bring so many different silhouettes to the forefront of sneaker trends. Above all, many women also enjoy the previously classic dad sneakers and increase the attention on the shoes enormously.

    In 2023, number 1 is the New Balance 530 . Although the silhouette is anything but new, it permeates the market as if it had just been developed. This is mainly because the model absolutely captures the spirit of the 2000s. The design originally dates back to the 90s and was worn for morning jogging. The upper is made of soft, synthetic materials and mesh inserts. The almost orthopedic soles make the shoe particularly comfortable. We're seeing the sneaker on almost every Insta feed right now. The “OG” colorway in white, silver and navy is particularly popular. The 530 only costs 100 euros, making it the perfect alternative to some other sneakers. It fits normally true to size.

    Before the hype surrounding the 530, the New Balance 550 was THE beater since 2021. Even though the sneaker can still be seen on every corner, demand has already ebbed. What many people don't know: The 550 has Aimé Leon Dore, or rather Teddy Santis, to thank for its comeback. The founder of the brand is now Creative Director of the “MADE in…” collections at New Balance. Both parties have pushed the 550 into one of the most important sneakers in 2021 and 2022.

    Originally released in 2010, the 1906R is more popular than ever in 2023. The reason for this is certainly the collaboration between thisneverthat and the second protection pack on the silhouette. Thirteen years after the first release, the sneaker fits perfectly into the 2000s zeitgeist again. The design makes the sneaker one of the most exciting New Balance models in 2023.

    As mentioned above, in 1976 New Balance introduced the first model with the iconic "N" logo, the 320. A year later, in 1977, the 355 model followed with a studded sole for improved traction. In the same year the "Supercomp" series was released, which combined the features of the 320 and 355 and combined them with a super light upper. The New Balance 327 is the result of all these influences. The shoe has been seen on young people and business people since 2020. The design is so special that it fits every style. There are colorways with mesh and suede, but also smooth leather versions like the collaboration with the Casablanca label.

    The New Balance 2002R has also been very popular since 2021. The reason for this was certainly the Protection Pack in 2021, which some sneaker enthusiasts bought. But Salehe Bembury and thisneverthat have also collaborated with New Balance on the newly released silhouette. The shoe originally came onto the market in 2010. However, the shoe was overpriced and underestimated by the masses. So the high-end runner, which cost $250 at the time, disappeared as quickly as it came in the 2010s. Since the relaunch, the shoe costs significantly less and not only impresses with its design, but is also comfortable.

    Last but but least: New Balance high top models

    New Balance high-tops are rare. But if we want to give an overview of all New Balance models, the high-tops shouldn't be missing either.

    Currently only one model is relevant as a high-top version from New Balance. Namely the 650. Teddy Santis, founder of Aimé Leon Dore and New Balance Creative Director for “MADE in…” is also responsible for this. In addition to the long-forgotten 550, he also brought back another gem from the brand's archives. The high-top 650 with padded ankles is the sister model of the 550. In addition to its eye-catching look, the shoe is also comfortable and is undoubtedly a true basketball icon.

    The Rainier came back onto the market for the first time in 2023. What some people don't know is that this high-top shoe has already been to the top of Mount Everest. The New Balance HL710 Rainier was originally released in 1982. The well-known mountaineer Lou Whittakers was involved in the development. That's why he and his team wore the shoe on the first American climb to the highest mountain in the world. At the time, the Rainier was a groundbreaking success in the outdoor industry, which until then had been more familiar with bulky and heavy boots. With this high-top shoe, New Balance managed to combine stability, a non-slip sole, flexibility and sure-footedness in a slim and light silhouette. And there was no need to make any aesthetic compromises.

    In 2016, Norse Project and New Balance collaborated on a Rainier and in 2022 Aimé Leon Dore released three colourways. Since then there have also been some general colourways from New Balance. Even though no one will probably use the Rainier to climb Mount Everest these days, it is a famous model that can now be worn even on difficult hikes.

    With this article we have given an overview of all New Balance models. There's sure to be one or two new models or a New Balance classic for you!

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