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    Nike Air Jordan 1 at Asphaltgold

    Ever since Michael Jordan wore them on the court for the first time in 1984, they have been a legend: Without the great success of the Nike Air Jordan 1, the sneaker world would not be what it is today. Because the iconic design of the basketball shoe is a true evergreen of street style and has never lost its hype. At Asphaltgold you can find the Nike Air Jordan 1 in different colorways and silhouettes - in High, Mid or Low, in the classic colorway *Bred* or in flashy colors and new releases.

    A star is born: Nike meets Michael Jordan

    Fresh in the NBA, Michael Jordan already signed his contract with the the brand Nike. Peter Moore designed the basketball star's exclusive shoe in the colors of Jordan's team, the Chicago Bulls - a combination of black and red that went down in history.

    Fame was not long in coming: according to the NBA dress code, the legendary *Bred* of the Player Exclusive was not allowed on the court. What followed was a fine of 5,000 U.S. dollars - and allegedly every time Jordan competed with his sneaker model for the Bulls. A price that Nike was happy to pay. Because the scandal brought a lot of publicity: for the first Air Jordan series as well as for the basketball great MJ.

    A Style for Eternity - and Beyond

    Every sneakerhead knows the Air Jordan 1: Robust leather uppers, a rubber outsole, the small holes in the toe box, the wing logo at ankle height - and of course Nike's signature Swoosh. Air cushions in the sole give every step the optimal cushioning and the shoe its name.

    Retro Colorways like *Bred* or *UNC* are real icons and belong today to the Daily Drivers. But also unusual color combinations or new releases like the Nike Air Jordan 1 Utility Stash *Neutral Olive* with side and heel pocket have their fans. Some models of the legendary shoe can now only be found as deadstock on collectors' shelves. Highlights also include collabos with high fashion brands like the DIOR x Nike Air Jordan 1.

    How to: How to wear your Nike Air Jordan 1 High properly

    The versatility of the Air Jordan is what makes the high-top sneaker is what makes it stand out. The sneakers work best when they remain the eye-catcher in your outfit - especially with eye-catching colorways. So let the hem of your jeans fall behind the tongue or roll up your pant leg a bit. Women can casually dress down a plain dress or skirt with the Air Jordan 1 High.

    Want to play basketball with your Air Jordans? Then lace them up all the way to the top. The design of the high model should not only look good, but also protect your ankles. In addition, the Sneaker better stability, which pays off on the court.

    Shawty got low - or rather mid?

    In addition to the popular retro look of the Nike Air Jordan 1 High, the mid and low variants are also in demand. The silhouette of the model Air Jordan 1 Mid model is based on the high-top, but gives your ankles a little more room to move. Thus, these sneakers mix the classic look with a more flexible feel.

    The Nike Air Jordan 1 Low is your perfect match for everyday wear. The wing logo moves to the heel, the Swoosh is in the foreground. And when it comes to pants, there's no limit to what you can wear: show off your low-top with cropped jeans or let your cargo pants fall casually over the sneaker - the best way to do this is with the Nike Air Jordan 1 in minimalist *white*.

    The success story on your feet - buy Nike Air Jordan 1 at Asphaltgold

    For almost 40 years, the Nike Air Jordan 1 has been an integral part of the world of sneakerheads. From simple colorways for everyday wear to high fashion collabos with DIOR: The sneaker with cult status is an integral part of the Nike brand. In the online store of Asphaltgold we have a large selection of Nike Air Jordan 1 for you: Whether as a high, low or mid-top model, in *plain white* or crazy color combinations - the choice is yours.