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    Nike Air Jordan 1 Mid at Asphaltgold

    Meet me in the middle - but without compromise: The Nike Air Jordan 1 Mid is the sneaker for all those who know how style works. Because as a variant of the iconic High-Top Sneaker with a little more ankle room, it's an eye-catcher with a relaxed flair. From eye-catching colorways to color combos with tradition, you'll find a selection of hip models of the Air Jordan 1 Mid at Asphaltgold.

    Best of both worlds - the Nike Air Jordan 1 Mid

    Made famous as a basketball shoe, established as an everyday look. His cooperation with Nike secured Michael Jordan a place in the Sneakerhead Hall of Fame - and as a Jumpman on the Air Jordan 1 Mid. Along with the classic Nike swoosh and wings on the sides, the logo is part of the signature design of the mid-top kicks.
    What makes the Nike Air Jordan 1 Mid unique is its dynamic silhouette. This is because, unlike high-tops, the mid-shaft sits slightly lower and slopes down towards the heel: a cut that gives your ankles more room to move. Don't know how to style mid-top sneakers right? Then remember: a little goes a long way. So roll up the waistband of your jeans just a little bit and you'll set off your Air Jordan 1 Mid perfectly.

    Judge a Sneaker by its Colorway: Colorways and Collabos

    The look of the Air Jordan 1 The look of the upper is pure retro and catches the eye with unusual to classic colorways. Color combos like *Light Smoke Grey* and *Shadow Red* convince with their stylish everyday suitability, while hypebeasts especially celebrate the collabos with famous designers. One example: the Nike Air Jordan 1 Mid Fearless *Maison Chateau Rouge* by Youssouf Fofana - a mix of African vibes and Parisian street culture. The Nike machine never stands still: New colorways of the Air Jordan 1 Mid are always on the release radar.

    Fancy a swoosh? Order Nike Air Jordan 1 Mid online at Asphaltgold

    As an all-rounder with that certain something extra, the Nike Air Jordan 1 Mid hits the nerve. The sporty design is a true legend, the special shape of the mid-top shaft ensures casualness. At the same time, the selection of different colorways is huge. But don't worry: We at Asphaltgold have already picked out the nicest models for you - from the high version to mid-tops and Air Jordan 1 Low.

    More fresh styles for your sneaker collection

    Still no Nike overload? Besides the stylish Nike Air Jordan 1 Mid, Asphaltgold has a wide range of other models for you! Nike Sneaker models for you!