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  • Warm-up: unser Winterjacken-Guide

    Warm-up: our winter jacket guide

    The bad news first: we're in for long and cold winter months. The good news: Asphaltgold has the perfect antidote for you. And that in the form of warm winter jackets. The seasonal garment is the eierlegende Wollmilchsau under the clothes. While a winter jacket should primarily protect you from the cold, it must also be breathable. Waterproof and windproof are further characteristics that count among the quality features of a winter jacket. And the whole thing should look good in the end, of course.

    In our winter jacket editorial, we have put together a selection of jackets that meet all these requirements with flying colors. Whether it's a puffer jacket or a parka - our selection is guaranteed to withstand even the nastiest winter.

    One brand that inevitably comes to mind is The North Face. Named after the cold, unforgiving side of a mountain, the brand from San Francisco makes it unmistakably clear, even semantically, that it specializes in garments with a functional approach. The North Face is considered the world market leader for outdoor wear and has its roots in the hiking and mountaineering scene. An area where warm clothing is essential for survival.

    It's the bulking power that counts

    jacken lookbook2-full-3

    The winter jacket model from The North Facewhich we have selected for our photo series, goes by the name of "Lhotse". Like many of its "colleagues", this jacket also makes use of the warming effect of down feathers to counteract the cold. The quality of a down jacket can be determined, in addition to the pure mass of down feathers, particularly well with the help of the bulking power. This indicates the volume that down (or other padding) takes up after some time of compression. For the nerds, it measures the volume to which a down mixture expands after it has been compressed in a measuring cylinder for 24 hours. The result is expressed in cubic inchesper ounce, or cuin. With 700 cuin, "Lhotse" is one of the high-quality down jackets and has a correspondingly strong insulating effect. Its practical inner pockets distinguish it just as much as its water-repellent outer material made of 100% recycled polyester. If the bright orange is too fancy for you, you can fall back on the pure black version of the jacket. A price-performance ratio with the predicate "unbeatable".

    jacken lookbook4-full-2

    jacken lookbook5-full-2

    The New York trend brand Aimé Leon Dore in collaboration with Woolrich, has brought out a selection of winter jackets that meet the highest standards in terms of both fashion and technology. We have picked out the "Color Blocked Down" and "Mountain" models. While the visually more striking "Color Blocked Down Jacket" also relies on down feathers, the more basic "Mountain Jacket" offers protection against the winter cold with a lining of cotton and nylon. Both jackets have one thing in common: they are water-repellent and look extremely stylish.

    Patagonia leaves nothing to be desired

    jacken lookbook6-full-4

    As an outdoor brand that also originated in the mountaineering scene, Patagonia is of course also a hot candidate when it comes to winter jackets. For the photo shoot, we grabbed the "Fitz Roy Down Parka". If you paid attention to our little build factor tutorial above, you know that the "Fitz Roy Down Parka" with the "800 Advanced Global Goose Down" leaves nothing to be desired in terms of quality. The outer material made of 100% nylon is water-repellent and is definitely an eye-catcher due to its shimmering turquoise look.

    jacken lookbook-full-2

    Our winter jacket selection is completed by the "Tropper Parka" from Carhartt. This winter jacket impresses especially with its details. The adjustable hood and waist, two front and chest pockets, the nylon taffeta lining and the price are good arguments to get ready for the winter with the parka, which is available in beige and black.

    In the photo gallery below you can see all the jackets again in detail.

    Still need a winter jacket? Here is our selection in the online store

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