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    Sneaker trends 2020

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    The year 2019 was exciting and diverse for the sneaker community. There were many good retro releases, but innovation was also a hot topic for many brands. But what will sneaker trends bring us in 2020? Which silhouettes will be in the spotlight? Can we expect different sneaker trends for men and women? Which old trends will continue and which new ones await us?

    This much can be said in advance: 2020 will be another good year for sneaker fans - you can be curious!

    Millennial running sneakers

    A trend that already originated in 2017 and will continue in 2020 are the Millennial running sneakers. The silhouettes in the typical progressive running garb of the early 2000s are currently enjoying ever greater popularity and it is impossible to imagine the major fashion shows or the streets of this world without them. Most brands have already sent some promising silhouettes into the race in recent years. Nike for example, is strongly represented with models like the P-6000 and the Zoom Vomero 5 SP, ASICS is on the starting line with models like the GEL-1090 or the GEL-Kayano 5 OG. However, we have been particularly impressed lately by New Balance has been particularly convincing in this segment. Currently, New Balance is shaping this sector with models like the 530 or the ML860 V2, and in 2020, the traditional American brand is coming around the corner with a top-class bringback. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to announce which model it will be at this point. But we can say this much: made in the USA and premium materials. In any case, fans of the typical 2000s sneaker can look forward to the coming year, here comes from various brands so much offered.

    High-fashion collabs

    Collaborations have been a trend in the sneaker scene for many years and are very popular with the general public. Collaborations of this kind are about combining the essence of two brands and creating something new. In the recent past, collabos between high-end labels and big sneaker brands have been making more and more waves. We at asphaltgold particularly like this unconventional mix of the DNA of two brands that don't necessarily go together at first glance. Cooperations of this kind bring a breath of fresh air into the sneaker scene and will certainly make the game even more interesting in the future. Particularly noteworthy in recent times are the two big players adidas and Nike. While adidas launched a special edition of the classic adidas Superstar with the Milanese label Prada, Nike sent an Air Jordan 1 into the race in collaboration with the Parisian label Dior. We're sure this won't be the last high-fashion collab, and we're already excited to see what else awaits us in this segment in 2020.

    Sustainable sneakers

    The topic of sustainability is becoming increasingly relevant for many companies worldwide and is also gaining importance in the sneaker scene. Currently is an optimal time for many brands to also include this topic as a central element in their corporate policy. We are certain that the topic of sustainability will strongly shape the sneaker world in 2020. Smaller brands in particular could benefit greatly from this trend. The French brand Veja is a prime example here. Veja has already been focusing on the topic of sustainability for years. The shoes are made of biologically tanned leather, and some models are even completely vegan. In addition, the label guarantees fair payment for all workers in the entire supply & production chain. This topic will certainly play a bigger role in the sneaker trends 2020 than in the years before. A development that we personally very much welcome.

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    Trail sneaker

    Wide soles with distinctive treads and an upper with intricate layering and weather-resistant materials are key features of trail sneakers. The functional silhouettes with often waterproof uppers already conquered the streets and catwalks of the major metropolises last year. This year, too, models with outdoor functionality will play a role. We can expect not only colorways with typical outdoor earth tones, but also colorful models with striking colorblocking. A sneaker trend that should make nature-loving sneaker fans in particular very happy in 2020.

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    Deconstructed Sneaker

    A sneaker trend that already emerged in 2017 and will continue in 2020 is called "Deconstructed Look". The pioneer here was mainly Off-White designer Virgil Abloh, who created an incredible hype with his "The Ten" collection. The deconstructed look is about bringing elements of the shoe, which would otherwise remain invisibly hidden inside, into the focus of the design. The use of translucent materials plays an elemental role in this. A nice example of the Deconstructed look recently are especially the models of the Nike Drop Type series. We are sure that the deconstructed look will also play a major role in 2020 and are already excited to see what awaits us here.

    Trend colors 2020

    2020 will also be an interesting year in terms of colors. A very big topic: colorblocking. We can expect some colorful colorways that will attract attention especially in spring. Models with a simple base color that are complemented by many colorful accents are particularly trendy. In the process, one color appears particularly often: Blue. And that's no coincidence, because the Pantone Institute has declared "Classic Blue" the color of the year. Whether as a base color, in the brand logo or as a colorful accent on the upper: blue will definitely play a bigger role in the sneaker world in 2020.

    Air Max 90

    One 2020 sneaker trend that Nike fans in particular should have on their radar is the Nike Air Max 90. The legendary Nike silhouette celebrates its 30th birthday this year - and for this, the sneaker giant from Beaverton will certainly come up with something again. The starting signal was already set by the releases of the Air Max 90 Viotech 2.0 and the Air Max 90 NRG. The popular silhouette received a small facelift from Nike in terms of shape and is now again much more aggressive on the road. A nice detail that should make many Air Max fans particularly happy. Nike has even more hot retroreleases and new colorways for the classic at the start for 2020. We are already looking forward to the coming weeks and months!

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    Nike Dunk

    Another 2020 sneaker trend was already emerging at the end of last year: the Nike Dunk is back. Somewhat forgotten in recent years, the Dunk has now made it back into the mainstream. Releases such as the Nike x Piet Parra Dunk SB or most recently the re-release of the legendary Dunk Viotech recently brought the shoe more attention again. At the beginning of 2020, even designer icon Virigl Abloh immortalized himself with a Nike x Off-White collaboration on the silhouette, which is currently establishing itself particularly strongly as a trend sneaker for men. At the latest with the Dunk by Travis Scott announced for the end of February, the model will certainly convince even the last skeptic. In any case, no sneaker fan will be able to get past the Nike Dunk in 2020.

    ➡️ Click here for the Nike Dunk!

    adidas Superstar

    In addition to the Air Max 90, another legendary silhouette is also celebrating its anniversary this year: the adidas Superstar. Originally introduced in the 70s as a basketball shoe, the model also gained a foothold in the lifestyle segment, especially in the 80s. The reason for this was none other than the legendary hip-hop formation Run DMC, which certainly helped the Superstar gain much of its popularity. Today, the Superstar is no longer just a trend sneaker, but an icon and should not be missing from any well-stocked sneaker collection. For the 50th birthday of the cult shoe, adidas has a lot in its quiver, which fans of the Three Stripes can already look forward to. We have also paid homage to the adidas Superstar in the form of a specially produced video.

    ➡️ Click here to check out the adidas Superstar!

    Nike Air Jordan 1

    The Nike Air Jordan 1 definitely had a peak in 2019, there's no denying that. Jordan fans were literally inundated with numerous new colorways and popular retro bringbacks. Nevertheless, almost every single model enjoyed great popularity within the sneaker community, regardless of whether it was retro or a new colorway. The release of the Air Jordan 1 x Travis Scott rounded off the Jordan year 2019 and put the crown on the whole hype around the legendary silhouette. So it's no wonder that Nike has even more planned for the 1 Jordan in 2020. Currently, the Air Jordan 1 x Dior collaboration is already in the starting blocks and we are already excited to see what other surprises Nike has planned for us.

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    Triple White Sneaker

    One sneaker trend for 2020 that can now be safely called evergreen is triple white sneakers. The Court silhouettes in particular impress with their minimalist look and can be easily combined with any outfit. Purist silhouettes are even suitable for a cool business look and have long since found their way into the mainstream. So it's no wonder that this sneaker trend will also stay with us in 2020. Especially en vogue are currently popular classics like the Nike Air Force 1 or the adidas Continental 80, but also newer success stories like the adidas Supercourt or also the Veja V10. In 2020, we can definitely expect exciting releases and retro bringbacks of various brands in the triple white style again.

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    Sneaker trends 2020 for ladies

    For women, the popular Court Classics continue to be in focus in 2020. Especially models like the Air Force 1, the Supercourt or even the Superstar, which will make a bigger comeback in 2020, are playing at the top. However, after the 1 Jordan was able to create a very large fanbase among the female fan base last year, we are sure that the girls can also look forward to some good releases here.

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    Sneaker trends 2020 for men

    There are also some trends for the men of creation to keep an eye on in 2020. Playing right up front is definitely the Nike Dunk. The silhouette already enjoyed great popularity among male sneaker fans in particular during the last few releases, and we don't think that will change much. Another big topic is of course the Air Max 90, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. And gentlemen can of course count on good Jordan releases as well.

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    Conclusion on the sneaker trends 2020

    After last year was already an extremely hot year for the sneaker community, 2020 is in no way inferior. The big brands will again largely dominate in the coming year, but the somewhat smaller brands also have a lot up their sleeves. The topic of sustainability in particular will play an increasingly important role this year, and we are curious to see how this trend will influence the market and the community in the future. There is a very special potential here that especially underdog and niche brands can use for themselves. Here's to an exciting and release-rich year!

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