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  • Reinventing the sneaker – welcome Veja!


    Veja was founded in 2005 by the two friends Sébastien Kopp and François-Ghislain Morillion in Paris. In addition to their clean designs and reduced logo applications, Veja sneakers are particularly known for their sustainable production approach.

    The word "Veja" comes from Portuguese and translates as "look" - and that's exactly what the brand's creators are all about. From raw materials to the end consumer, Veja pays attention to a positive economic, ecological and social value chain. The sneakers are made in Brazil under fair conditions from organic cotton, naturally tanned leather and natural rubber - many Veja models are even completely vegan. All from sustainable production and with the ambition to guarantee fair pay for all employees in the production chain.

    In addition to transparent production and fair payment, Veja is committed to the organization "Ateliers sans Frontiers," which aims to ensure inclusion in the workplace. As a result, over 200 disadvantaged people have been helped (back) into working life at Veja in recent years.

    Veja has managed to cause a rethink in the sneaker segment. It's hard to imagine the current street scene without the classics V-10 and Campo, but new silhouettes are also already being planned. With the Bastille line, Veja is also releasing limited editions that come seasonally in new colorways and material updates. Brand new to the French company's repertoire is the Condor - Veja's first silhouette that aims to shake up the performance market. Technically state of the art, Veja has created a running and casual shoe with the Condor that is made from 53% natural raw materials and recycled materials. The sole is made of 31% natural latex from the Amazon, 30% rice waste - only 39% synthetic rubber is used in the midsole. The Aleveomesh upper uses 100% recycled plastic bottles. The technical innovation and the idea of sustainability earned the Veja Condor the prestigious ISPO "Product of the Year" Award award.

    In total, Veja has now sold over 4.5 million sustainably produced shoes, using over 470 tons of organic cotton and more than 300 tons of natural rubber from the Amazon. All of this is done without big advertising campaigns and with a "zero stock" policy: Veja closely controls its own production and only produces what has been ordered by stores. As a result, it can happen that shoes are sold out at times, but unnecessary overproduction and exploitation of renewable resources is avoided in return.

    Veja makes the difference, become a part of the collective!

    --> here you can find all styles of Veja in our online store!