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  • Der Nike Air Jordan 2 kommt im OG Colorway  zurück!

    Love it or hate it: the Nike Air Jordan 2 is back!

    It's hard to find a Nike sneaker that divides opinions within the sneaker community as much as the Air Jordan 2. For some sneakerheads, the Air Jordan 2 is considered the "forgotten child" of the Air Jordan series.

    After the groundbreaking success of the Air Jordan 1(which just came back in a Lost & Found colorway), Nike's designers Peter Moore and Bruce Kilgore wanted to break new ground and try something completely new - a Nike sneaker without a Swoosh. What many saw as a risk was, in the eyes of Moore and Kilgore, a clear opportunity to use Michael Jordan's media appeal and rethink the Air Jordan brand.

    Thus, the Air Jordan 2 was released by Nike in November 1986 with a retail price of 100$ (cf. AJ1 1985: 65$) as an absolute premium product in which only high-quality materials, Italian leather for example, were used. Customers, on the other hand, took a while to warm up to the Air Jordan 2. The first release wasn't too much of a success - Michael Jordan, on the other hand, wore the "2" successfully: In his first game with the shoe, he scored 37 points, and shortly afterwards he won his first dunk contest.

    The Nike Air Jordan 2 comes back in its OG colorway *Chicago*!

    In the following decades, there were always retros of the Air Jordan 2, but the legend says that the last for the shoe was lost in the factory, which led to the fact that Jordan fans were not always taken by the retros, because the shoes did not get to's original.

    This is now to change.

    With the 2022 version of the Air Jordan 2 OG *Chicago* High quality leather, panelling in reptile look and an original upper without Swoosh make the Air Jordan 2 *Chicago* from this year to an absolute highlight release!

    Small side note: the box of the AJ2 was designed in the style of the OG colorway and carries very present the Air Jordan Wings logo on the top.


    The release of the Nike Air Jordan 2 OG *Chicago* will take place via Raffle in our Asphaltgold app (Download for iOS and Android)

    SIZERUN: EU 36 - 47.5
    START: 12/26/2022 | 10:00 (CET)
    END: 12/29/2022 | 10:00 (CET)

    To the Nike Air Jordan 2 OG *Chicago* at Asphaltgold!

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