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    If you look at current world events, climate change is omnipresent and the resulting measures affect us all. Activists all over the world demonstrate how we as individuals can contribute to climate-friendly purchasing decisions and do our part for the climate change.

    If you look at modern sneaker trends, one aspect becomes more and more present: the sustainability of production! While sustainable sneakers were initially just a fringe phenomenon, the market now offers all kinds of opportunities to specifically pursue the approach of eco-friendly clothing and footwear choices. Smaller brands that pursued a sustainable concept from the very beginning are now being replaced by larger sporting goods manufacturers, such as Nike or adidas are complementing them. Here, the sustainably manufactured sneakers do not necessarily look different or differ in their appearance from less sustainable sneakers, but are often indistinguishable at first glance. It's worth taking a closer look here!

    To make your search for sneakers with a good eco-balance easier, we have compiled a selection of sustainable sneakers including their manufacturers in this blog post.

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    As you can already imagine from the above text, sustainable sneakers are primarily about their climate-friendly production. Thus, sustainably manufactured sneakers are often produced without common plastics and instead rely more on natural raw materials. The French brand Veja, for example, often uses "natural rubber", while other manufacturers also specifically focus on the use of recycled materials.


    Basically we are of the opinion that all sneakers are unisex and every colorway and model can be worn by men and women, even if the size distribution does not always fit every foot. Therefore, we do not want to go into great detail here about the best sustainable sneakers for men and women but make a list for all genders. Wear the sneakers you like!

    -> Here you can find all women's sneakers in our online store

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    The Veja brand was founded in Paris in 2005 and since then has been concerned with the mission of changing people's consumer behavior in the long term and thus making the world a little bit better. The word "Veja" comes from Portuguese and translates as "look" or "look" - and that's exactly what the makers of Veja sneakers are all about. The label from France specializes in the production and distribution of sustainable fair trade sneakers. Veja sneakers are made in Brazil in the Porto Alegre region under fair conditions from organic cotton, naturally tanned leather and natural rubber. All materials come from sustainable production. In addition to the use of ecologically compatible materials, the two creators of the brand also pay particular attention to fair pay for all employees. And that in the entire production chain: from the cotton farmer in the fields, to the suppliers, to the production workers.

    -> Click here to see our selection of Veja sneakers in the online store.


    Sneakers that are not only manufactured in an eco-friendly way, but also consist of completely vegan components, can call themselves particularly sustainable. This means that mainly leather, as well as animal-based adhesive materials are dispensed with. Often, vegan leather nowadays can't even be distinguished from animal leather with the naked eye. Brand Veja shows us how vegan leather works, but also adidas shows us the optimal use of synthetic leather, for example in the "Tobacco Green" model. Other manufacturers like Asics or Nike demonstrate that a cool sneaker doesn't necessarily have to contain leather, but instead rely on mesh and rubber in terms of materials, as is typical for a classic millenial runner.

    -> Here you can find all sustainable sneakers in our online store.


    Finally, we have once again created a top 10 ranking of our all-time favorite eco-friendly and/or vegan sneaker models. The listed models impress with clean materials and comfort, as well as (brand) diversity. We are sure: there is something for everyone!

    1. Nike x Billie Eilish Air Force 1 *Sequoia*

    2. Veja V-10 CWL

    3. adidas Tobacco Green

    4. adidas Ultra 4D

    5. converse Chuck Taylor All Star 70'

    6. asics gel venture 6

    7. nike Wmns Dunk Low *Next Nature*

    8. Salomon ACS Pro

    9. New Balance MR530

    10. Saucony Progrid Triumph 4

    -> Here you can find all sustainable sneakers in our online store

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