Porter-Yoshida & Co.

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    It was a key experience that gave rise to Porter-Yoshida & Co. When the Great Kanto Earthquake completely destroyed the home of Kichizo Yoshida in 1923, the then 17-year-old Japanese man used a simple cord to carry his belongings to safety. This experience made Yoshida realize the importance of transportation and prompted him to establish Brand Yoshida Kaban Seisakujo in 1935. The success of the bag brand quickly materialized, leading to the creation of the Porter sub-brand in 1962, specializing in bags for travelers. We are happy to offer Porter-Yoshida & Co. at Asphaltgold from now on!

    The products of Porter-Yoshida & Co. are characterized by their timeless design and the very high quality manufacturing. Until today all bags are handmade in Japan. Nylon, canvas and leather are the preferred materials of Porter-Yoshida & Co. - because the bags are designed to last a lifetime.

    Monochrome colours, simple designs and clear shapes make sure that Porter Bags are not dependent on fashion trends, regular updates and collaborations with brands like Stüssy, adidas, Takashi Murakami and Pas Normal Studios bring variety and different influences into the collections.

    The bags by PORTER-YOSHIDA & CO are characteristically very unagitated and thus flexibly combinable. The Tanker series is inspired by classic MA-1 flight jackets of the US Air Force and made of a cotton-nylon-polyester mix, which provides a good wearing feeling, low weight and long durability at the same time.