Nike ACG

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    Nike gained a foothold in the hiking and outdoor sector early on. However, it wasn't until 1989 that the brand from Beaverton launched a line under the label "All Conditions Gear" and thus initiated the beginning of a long tradition. The first Nike ACG collections produced some very popular classics like the Air Mowabb, the Air Escape and the Wildwood. All models that are now an integral part of the Nike-ACG range. True to the motto of the sub-brand, particularly weatherproof and hard-wearing sneaker and apparel collections have been released under the Nike ACG label since the end of the 1980s. Design has always played a major role in this. Bright colors and striking prints characterized the early Nike ACG collections and contributed significantly to a certain stand-alone character, which they had compared to other outdoor brands. However, the focus was always on the functional aspect. In 2014, Nike began collaborating with Canadian designer Erollson Hugh, the mastermind behind ACRONYM™, another very technically oriented streetwear brand. From then on, the Nike ACG line developed more in the direction of techwear and collections were designed that were characterized by their futuristic design. In the meantime, Nike has returned to its roots. The newer ACG collections have a retro vibe and are more reminiscent of the line's beginnings in the early 90s. Color coordinated, the individual items usually mix and match very well. When it comes to layering, the pieces work well together and make a perfect hiking outfit for all weather conditions.