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  • Neu bei Asphaltgold: Aries Arise!


    The press once dubbed them "high fashion punks" - and that sums it up pretty damn well. Because for Sofia Prantera and Fergus Purcell, the founders of Aries Arise, none of the usual pigeonholes is broad enough. With their brand, they master the challenging balancing act between high fashion and streetwear to perfection. Luxury meets underground, a contradictory consensus. The origin of this liason dates back to the 90s. Born in Italy, moved to England, studied at Central St. Martins and dived headfirst into rave culture: this is how Prantera socialized in her early years, launching Holmes and Silas, two iconic streetwear labels. Then she meets graphic designer Fergus Purcell, with whom she launches Aries - a label that quickly finds many followers with its refreshing approach. Aries Arise has also evolved into a household name in the sneaker cosmos, as collabs with New Balance (on the 327) and Vans Vault prove. We at Asphaltgold are happy to have the wonderfully stubborn label now in our range!

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    Raves, the Kinky Gerlinky scene, Menswear from brands like Stone Island, the 80s and 90s: Prantera draws inspiration from diverse sources. The result: an intentional clash of styles and the mixing of the incompatible. This is what makes the Aries style so special. Bold, clever collections and the symbiosis of art and commerce as practiced, for example, by Vetements, Demna and Vivienne Westwood. With attention to detail, with a love of craftsmanship and with the claim to bring streetwear out of the dark corner in which it threatened to rot in the 00s.

    Aries frounders Sofia Prantera (right) and Fergus Purcell (Photo: The Style Report)

    With photographer Claire Shilland and stylist Michele Rafferty, Prantera and Purcell have people around them who share their aesthetic. Using classic streetwear motifs, casual cuts and lovely details, Aries Arise captures stills from fashion history and reinterprets them with the quality you'd expect from luxury brands. Wonky armholes? A no-go! From her iconic tie-dye pieces to her ironic "no problemo" tees, Aries Arise consistently hits the sweet spot between masterful craftsmanship and skater attitude!


    The former women's label is now gender-neutral. Male, female, diverse? Doesn't matter! Aries just wants to attract. Relevant. Contemporary. With retro references, a subtle punk aura and a twinkle-in-the-eye approach: This makes Aries attractive for all those who don't like to be pressed into stereotypes, can't do much with masculine streetwear obsession and feel at home in high culture as well as in counter- and subculture. Prantera and Purcell follow their own way and their success proves them right. Welcome to Asphaltgold, Aries Arise!

    check out Aries Arise in our online store

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