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  • Nike Cortez PRM *Triple Black*


    From Nike's OG running shoe with a declaration of war on the competition to the celebrated shoe of the fitness era, then later to pop culture classic, gang uniform and hip hop staple. We're talking about the Nike Cortez, which has seen quite a bit over the past 50+ years and has left its mark on the sneaker world. We are happy to announce that Nike is back at it with the first colorways and soon the Nike Cortez PRM Triple Black drops.

    Nike Cortez Black Asphaltgold

    OG: History of the Nike Cortez

    In 1972, Nike launched its first lightweight running shoe, the Cortez, which brought them both media attention and great popularity in the sport, both on and off the track. The peculiarity with the name: originally, the shoe was supposed to be named Mexico on the occasion of the Mexico City Olympics, but after the games ended, they decided to call it Atztec. However, since adidas already had the Atzeca track shoe on the market and threatened with legal action, another name was chosen. Cortez, the Spanish conquistador whose expedition to the Aztecs led to the fall of the Aztec Empire, became (quite provocatively) the prominent name giver.

    In the 1970s symbol of the burgeoning leisure sports and fitness culture, worn by athletes and runners, since the 1980s icon of pop culture: not least the famous appearance in the film Forrest Gump ensured that the Cortez gained its popularity far beyond the boundaries of sports. To this day, the shoe is firmly rooted in music and pop culture, especially hip-hop culture - from Eazy-E to Kendrick Lamar, you've seen the Cortez on the feet of numerous stars and artists!

    Nike Cortez Black Asphaltgold
    Nike Cortez Black Asphaltgold
    Nike Cortez Black Asphaltgold

    Nike Cortez - also at home outside the mainstream

    As early as the 1980s, however, the Cortez also had its disreputable side. In particular, it was part of the uniform of the Hispanic MS-13 - so much so that police in certain neighborhoods automatically assumed that anyone wearing the Cortez was part of the gang. The shoes (in their respective signature colors) were also popular with the Bloods and Crips, and some schools even banned them as a sign of potential gang affiliation.

    This dimension of the Cortez has calmed down a bit in the meantime, and yet the Cortez hasn't lost its popularity - among celebrities, sneakerheads and also among followers of various subcultures, off the mainstream! Especially in Triple Black, the Cortez is so clean that on the one hand it fits on everything, but on the other hand it catches the eye and stands out to the inclined eye via its details and materials. A Misfit with great potential for Everyday Choice!

    Nike Cortez Black Asphaltgold

    The Nike Cortez PRM Triple Black at Asphaltgold

    Asphaltgold App:

    The shoe will be available at Asphaltgold in the Wmns sizerun from 35.5-44.5 - both will be available regularly online via asphaltgold.com, the Asphaltgold app and instore at Asphaltgold in Darmstadt

    19.06.2023 / 09:00 (CEST) online, 11:00 instore.

    Stay tuned for more information!


    Nike Cortez Black Asphaltgold