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  • New Balance M1300JP3 - der

    New Balance M1300JP3 - the "luxury runner" is back.

    "The very best running shoe ever made," the ad said. As New Balance presented its new 1300 model in 1985, the Boston-based brand was not stingy with superlatives. And it had to. The $130 price tag (which, taking inflation into account, would be about $280 today) was an unusually high price for a running shoe.

    But customers were not disappointed: the New Balance 1300 turned out to be a prime example of craftsmanship and impressed with its advanced cushioning system. Thanks to the patented ENCAP process, New Balance managed to install an EVA foam insert in a polyurethane outer shell in the sole. This way, optimal cushioning was achieved without compromising stability.

    Large fan base in Japan

    Thanks to its high-quality workmanship, the "luxury runner" quickly enjoyed high esteem and was sometimes traded for over 1,000 dollars at auctions in the Asian region. All this despite the fact that most pairs were no longer wearable at all due to hydrolysis - the splitting of chemical compounds by water, a dreaded enemy of vintage sneakers.

    Since the Runner found many fans, especially in Japan, New Balance launched a reissue in 1995 under the name 1300 JP. "We were able to exchange ideas with a lot of people who worked on the original New Balance 1300 in 1985," recalls Shinichi Kubota. Now New Balance's vice president of Lifestyle and Enduring purpose, Kubota was one of the driving forces in the 1300 JP's development process. "I talked to the designer, developer, product manager and others involved to gather information."


    Vibram sole returns in 2010

    Although some details differed from the OG despite the careful research - for example, the Vibram sole was missing and did not return until the 2010 retro - the 1300 JP quickly became a coveted collector's item. Not for nothing does Rob Stewart, owner of the Instagram account New Balance Gallery, refer to the shoe as a Grail that he would "lie, beg and steal" for.

    While the New Balance 1300 and its modified 1300CL variant - a hybrid that wears the outsole of a 577 - are reissued on a fairly regular basis, the popular retro versions of the 1300 JP are released every five years. So after 2000, 2005, 2010 and 2015, fans of the 1300 JP have another chance to grab a pair this year. By the way: The design of the box is also based on the original, which should please especially the collectors among you. We at asphaltgold are proud to be one of the selected retailers who can offer the New Balance M1300JP3. Due to the high demand, we are raffling off purchase options via our Instagram account for equal opportunity.

    Start IG Raffle: 27.02.2020 | 18:00 (CET) End IG Raffle: 02.03.2020 | 14:00 (CET)

    The winners will be contacted directly afterwards.