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  • Heat for Need unterstützt neues Charity-Projekt

    Heat for Need supports new charity project

    News on our in-house charity project "", which uses sneaker hype for a good cause: After we donated for the PalliativTeam Frankfurt 5,000€ for the PalliativTeam Frankfurt, we are now supporting the Episcopal relief organization MISEREOR e. V. from Aachen. The organization, founded in 1958, campaigns for human rights regardless of skin color, origin, gender or religion.

    All donations generated through Heat for Need go to the partnership project "For the Preservation of the Amazon." The area in the north of South America has been suffering from ongoing forest fires for some time. Nearly 40,000 fires raged in parallel in the rainforest in 2019 - most of them started wantonly by cattle farmers to develop pasture land. Rainforest destruction not only has a crucial impact on our climate, but also deprives indigenous peoples of their habitat.

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    Dam construction has far-reaching consequences

    Illegal logging is another threat to the people of the Amazon. Help from politicians and authorities fails to materialize, and the boundaries of protected areas are disregarded. The construction of the Belo Monte dam has also exacerbated the situation. Many people who had to leave their homes for the construction of the dam are still waiting for new housing or compensation. In addition, many remote indigenous villages have lost access to vital water from the river due to the dam.

    MISEREOR partner organizations stand by the side of the threatened people of the Amazon. The work of the organizations Terra de direitos, the Rural Pastoralists (CPT), the Movement of Those Affected by Dam Construction (MAB) and the indigenous pastoralist CIMI is multifaceted: for example, they pay lawyers, organize campaigns or train community spokespersons. Always with the goal of putting an end to the injustice and environmental destruction.

    More information about the project "For the preservation of the Amazon" can be found here

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