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    It's winter: the days are getting shorter, it's getting chilly and we're swapping shorts and t-shirts for jeans, a jacket and a beanie. This year you want to be prepared for once and not freeze first? Then you need the right outerwear, we are looking for the right jacket! Today we dedicate ourselves to a particularly comfortable variant. It is about the Puffer Jacket aka down jacketwhich has been keeping us warm for more than half a century and has long since ceased to be merely functional.

    Whether filled with down or padded, as a coat, short jacket or for underneath: Puffer Jackets are not only super cozy and keep you warm, but also really versatile. Meanwhile, down jackets are not only pragmatic in the cold, but also well combined in fashion capitals worldwide and of course also with fashion-savvy celebrities.

    From Kendall Jenner to Hailey Bieber, Emily Ratajkowski, Ye, Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Aniston: Puffer Jackets are part of theLaidback Autumn style, can even easily be the main piece of an outfit.

    We have collected and show you here the best fits of celebrities in Puffer Jackets to give you some inspo for the upcoming Puffer Season.

    You can find the matching down jacket for this season now check it out in our online store!

    The last deliveries for Autumn/Winter 2021 have just arrived, including various Puffer Jackets from Daily Paper, Soulland and John Elliottthe classic Nuptse from The North Face and the gauzy Down Sweater from Patagonia.

    You can find all Puffer Jackets here now!