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    Without much of an intro: we love running – but we also love pizza & beer, if you know what we mean. That's why we run regularly as a team and celebrate the Cup da Franco every year at the Darmstadt city run bin time, including pizza and beer, of course. But we're willing, we'll go out together and try tohrthrt. That's what Bad Habits Run Club is about: bad habits, good intentions. And we have a lot of them, especially at the beginning of the year.  

    bad habits run club asphaltgold

    Bad habits? What exactly!?

    With Bad Habits, the first thing is to get started. We'll worry about the destination later. That's why we don't need any over-ambitious running snobs (yet), but rather you who are just keen to run with us. Or exactly those who don't feel like it and are still looking for the right motivation. A few like-minded people who regularly have to fight against their inner weaker self - it works better as a collective. Fun should come first, with performance only following somewhere in the back third.  

    Internally at Asphaltgold we have been running regularly as a group for some time now - sometimes more, sometimes less. From now on we want to invite our community to run with us. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or a core runner, we run at a relaxed pace where everyone follows along and no one is left behind. We also have a few over-ambitious people in the team who are happy to do an extra lap every now and then. But even they are most happy about the reward afterwards.

    --> Click here for the Strava group!  

    Bad habits Runclub Asphaltgold

    Bad Habits Run Club - Social Runs

    We are starting now and meet every second Thursday (check the next dates here) at our store on Ludwigsplatz around 7:00 p.m., bagdrop is possible. We run together, come back after about 30-45 minutes, drinks already waiting for you. Thursday is the perfect day to go running - we gently prepare our bodies for the weekend ahead, including all the bad habits . 

    Check out our Strava group for all the information about the next runs and run along. They all say that, but it's true: things always go better together, especially in winter .  

    --> Click here for the Strava group!  

    Bad Habits Run Club Asphaltgold


    On January 11th, the kick-off officially takes place and we provide a portion of extra motivation: you come to the Asphaltgold store at 6:45 p.m., you can stow your things safely and there will be a goodie bag for free for the first participants - filled with a limited Bad Habits tube scarf, running long sleeve by New Balance and other specials!

    New Balance - THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPORT - will be there with test shoes, from the everyday model 1080 v13 to the latest carbon racers , you can test them.

    Then we run the first house lap, together and easily-paced, and after 45 minutes we are back at the store, where the leisurely part and for some perhaps even the weekend begins. Pizza and Peroni are waiting for all runners, as well as non-alcoholic soft drinks of course - after all, the weekend is approaching.

    After that it continues in a bi-weekly rhythm - every Thursday, always 7 p.m. at the store, always about 45 minutes and Peroni afterwards! You can now find all further information in the Strava group!  

    --> Click here for the Strava group!