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    On 03/26/1987, the first sneaker with the legendary visible Air cushioning revolutionized the sneaker market. Tinker Hatfield's Air Max 1 appeared and is still making history 35 years later.

    Since 2014, Nike and the sneaker community have celebrated the brand's most successful and arguably iconic line on this day. The Air Max Day stands for community and was created for the community - we want to use this association and cohesion this year: together we run for a good cause.

    With the current wars going on in our world, everything else in our everyday life seems so insignificant. Millions of people are currently fleeing war zones. We look to the East, but also to the other conflicts and refugee flows, which have not only existed in our world since yesterday and donate per kilometer run on 26.03.22, 1€ to the Support PRO ASYL. PRO ASYL campaigns for the rights of refugees and migrants in Germany and Europe.

    Run with us, set a sign & show solidarity.


    There are two ways to participate: Digitally or live on site. On Saturday, March 26, at 2:00 p.m., our local community will meet at Herrngarten-Café (Restaurant Leyli ) in Darmstadt. You are invited to be there and run with us!

    Not on site? No problem, we also track your kilometers in the NRC Running App from Nike.

    --> You can find all updates in the event!

    How to run online:

    Add the Asphaltgold account (search Asphaltgold Run Club in the app) in Nike's NRC Running app (iOS and Android) and participate in our AIR MAX DAY CHARITY RUN challenge. We'll track every mile you run and convert it to 1€ donation.

    Charity Run & After Run Event at Herrngarten Darmstadt:

    At 14:00 our event and registration will start at Herrngarten-Café (Restaurant Leyli). Use the NRC Running APP or give us a short info at registration: we will track your laps on site at Herrngarten. One lap = 1 kilometer = 1€ donation. At 3pm the run will start.

    For those who don't want to run, but just want to dance: We provide drinks & snacks at fair prices and for the best musical entertainment provides the Pine & Ginger Crew!

    --> Here you can find all information about the run!


    In order to get some participants together and to make sure that all sneaker lovers get their money's worth, we will raffle off some juicy prizes among all runners:

    • 3 x Asphaltgold vouchers of 100 each€
    • 3 x a Free Pick in our Asphaltgold Raffle App (for free)
    • 3 x Air Max 1 of your choice (from 2022) in your size

    One of the three prizes will be raffled among the participants in Darmstadt.

    The Air Max Day Charity T-Shirt:

    The Air Max Day Charity T-Shirt will be sold at our run event in Darmstadt on 03/26. The price for the shirt is 30€, all proceeds will be donated to the Förderhilfe PRO ASYL donated.

    Fine print:

    The organizer and the sponsors of the run assume no liability for damages and injuries of any kind that may arise from participation in this event. This also applies to accidents and loss of clothing or other items.

    Asphaltgold GmbH & Co. KG reserves the right to distribute a maximum donation amount of 20,000€.

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