Nike Shox

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    In Nike's long history, there have been a few silhouettes that have polarized and sparked passionate debate. Right at the front of the pack: the Nike Shox. The foundation for this now legendary silhouette was laid back in 1984. Bruce Kilgore - the designer behind the Air Force 1 - had an innovative, if somewhat unconventional idea. He wanted to move away from the tried-and-true Air cushioning system and invent something completely new. Based on Kilgore's experiments, the first Nike Shox saw the light of day in 2000. A shoe for a new millennium, with a mechanical damping system and an avant-garde design. Bruce Kilgore was inspired by astronaut suits and modern space technology - influences that can be found on every new Shox silhouette today. While the Shox quickly became the shoe of choice among competitive athletes due to its great performance capabilities, it divided sneakerheads. While some celebrated the Shox right away and declared it the new street icon, many couldn't do much with the new space design at first. Nevertheless, the Nike Shox managed to establish itself as a constant in the sneaker world, until it disappeared from the scene for a few years. Currently, however, the Shox is celebrating its big comeback and is enjoying great popularity at fashion shows worldwide. Brands like Comme des Garçons and trendsetters like the British rapper Skepta recently rediscovered the Shox and developed their very own interpretation of the legendary silhouette. Hardly any other Nike sneaker represents the term "street style" as strongly as the Nike Shox. We are very happy that the unconventional classic is back!