Converse Chuck Taylor All Star

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    If you had to name 10 sneakers that have shaped the sneaker world permanently and forever, the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star would definitely be among the top 3. Developed in 1917 as a basketball shoe, the shoe was worn on the court for the first time one year later by the passionate basketball player and Converse employee Chuck Taylor. Not long after, the latter began promoting his sport and the new basketball shoes. In 1923, the Converse All Stars got the round patch on the inside, on which you can still find the name of the player today, and were now called by Converse Chuck Taylor All Star. This name quickly evolved into the short forms Converse Chucks or simply Chucks. Worn by legends like Elvis Presley, Kurt Cobain or James Dean, Chucks gained cult status early on. When Mick Jagger wore white Chucks with a suit at his wedding in 1971, he started the ultimate style break. In 1970, another low-top version of the classic Chucks followed, which was nicknamed the "Oxford" (OX for short). The rest is history. Once a signature of rebellion and non-conformity, Chucks have become an integral part of the mainstream and the streets of the world. Converse now boasts a company history dating back over 100 years, and the classic Chucks are among the best-selling sneakers of all time. The iconic silhouette still appears today in the retro look of yesteryear. A sleek upper, usually made of canvas or grained leather, meets a vulcanized midsole, with signature Converse foxing. The unmistakable HI variant still features the legendary label on the inside and the iconic rubber toe cap still adorns every Converse All Star. Even the signature squeak when walking across parquet floors, due to the rubber outsole, is the same as it was 100 years ago. Chucks are available in endless colors and variations, with fancy patterns and materials, and will probably be in fashion forever. A classic Allstar Chuck Taylor in black or white can be combined with almost any outfit and belongs in every well-stocked shoe rack.