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  • Welcome to asphaltgold: Levi's!

    Welcome to asphaltgold: Levi's !

    When Levi Strauss reinforced the corners of a pair of denim trousers with rivets for the first time in 1873 and thus invented the first jeans, he had no idea that he would revolutionize the trouser industry permanently and forever. The name of the very first pair of jeans: Levi's 501. Almost 150 years later, the classic jeans are still absolutely en vogue and it is impossible to imagine the catwalks and streets of this world without them. Levi Strauss originally created the jeans as work trousers, recognizing even then the potential of his newly invented and hard-wearing material.

    Quality never goes out of style.

    Even though the brand's slogan is already a different one, this phrase still runs as a common thread through the various styles and collections of Levi's today. With each new drop, the designers are completely in tune with the times, without neglecting the heritage thought of the brand. The new range includes some classics like the 501 in a particularly casual version, as well as some new and contemporary pieces. However, the centerpiece of the collection is definitely the Levi's Trucker Jacket in vintage style. This oversized-look denim jacket is modeled after the 1967 original and has a slightly looser fit. The Levi's designers were mainly inspired by Virgil Abloh's private denim jackets. The latter is a big fan of the original from `67 and made the classic Levi's denim jacket fit present again. The Vintage Fit Trucker has a strong retro character and fits perfectly to the current street style - an absolute eye-catcher!

    Since we at asphaltgold are also big fans of Levi's and vintage styles, we are especially happy to welcome Levi's as a new brand. That's why we didn't miss the chance to create a little editorial for you. We want to underline not only the everyday suitability but also the ready-to-wear character of the traditional American brand.

    Here you can find the Levi's collection