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  • Die besten Sommer-Sneaker 2022


    We know you feel it too - winter is finally over and summer is slowly but surely approaching. That means not only "out with the shorts and t-shirts", but also: "out with the summer sneakers"! If there is currently a lack in the shoe closet, no problem, "we got you":

    after we have recently dealt with the sneaker trends 2022, it should now be about the question: what are the best summer sneakers for men and women? Sure, the most important thing is that you like them. Nevertheless, there are some attributes that make sneakers summer sneakers. First of all, in summer weather, it is important that the shoes are breathable. What good will Gore-Tex or waterproof smooth leather do you if it's dry and hot outside? Simple answer: sweaty feet. Here, it helps to look for breathable mesh parts or fall back on shoes made of textile or canvas. Some shoes even have "open" parts on the upper, or at least use perforated leather (i.e. with holes) to let as much air as possible get to your feet. Low tops, or half shoes, can also provide more air around the ankle.

    Nevertheless: in the end the shoe has to please YOU of course and also fit to shorts or skirt fit. If it gets too hot, barefoot to cool down is always an option as well, just like slides of course. But more about that below.

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    Basically, we believe that all sneakers are unisex and every colorway and model can be worn by both men and women, even if the size distribution doesn't always fit every foot. Therefore, we do not want to divide here in a big way into the best summer sneakers for men and women, but make a list for all genders. Wear the sneakers you like!

    -> Here you can find all ladies sneakers in our online store

    -> Here you will find all men's sneakers in our online store


    A big thing this summer will be slides and mules. They are comfortable, more airy than probably any other shoe and are suitable for much more than just the beach. If you like it classic, take the Adilette, which is now available in hundreds of colors and variations, or the slightly crazier Reptossage also from adidas. Nike has the Classic Sandal at the start, but with the Offline also a mix of sneaker and mule. We have been told that the part is incredibly comfortable for the feet due to interchangeable cushioning soles. It gets a little sportier with the Ore Recovery Slide from Hoka One One which even top athletes wear on recovery days to relax their feet as much as possible. The Recovery Slide is now available in absolutely street and everyday colors!

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    Long before the store was founded in 2008, retro runners were an absolute passion of Asphaltgold. Running shoes of the 70s and 80s were primarily designed for the track and races, a lightweight and especially breathable construction is of course an advantage. Also in 2022 we have a variety of lightweight and wearable Retro Runners in stock for the summer, which provide good ventilation mainly due to mesh inserts on the upper and their lightweight construction.

    At adidas, the ZX 500 is currently probably the most widespread representative of the retro runners. We have various colorways of the ZX 500 in our store. The Classic Nylon cuts a fine figure for Reebok, and at Nike you can confidently fall back on (almost) all shoes with a waffle sole: the brand with the Swoosh has even added a futuristic touch in recent months. The Waffle One looks like a classic runner, but instead of mesh, a translucent synthetic material is used on the upper. In addition, the "attachments" on the heel give it very clear Sacai vibes!

    New Balance 's 327 silhouette also has a retro-futuristic feel. The rather vulominous yet narrow sole unit matches the suede/leather & mesh on the upper flawlessly. Whether paired with a skirt, shorts or a pair of chinos, the 327 is summer-ready!

    By the way, good news for all those who like to be a little more sustainable on the road: Veja in particular has done well in recent years in terms of leather-free (and vegan) sneakers, with the Marlin, the Dekkan and Condor brought several vegan retro runners on the market. The sneakers don't use any animal products and are largely made of eco-sustainable materials.

    -> Here you can find all Retro Runners in our online store.


    Come to stay! Millenial runners are here to stay in the sneaker scene. The running shoes of the 2000s are absolute daily drivers for us and belong in the daily sneaker rotation, especially in the summer!

    New Balance can also look at some models here: the M530 is the easy all-rounder when it comes to millenial runners, now released in dozens of colorways and very popular with us. Synthetic leather and coarse mesh are not only suitable for the city trip, but also for the club night afterwards due to the mostly open technology and visible colorways. Besides the 530, the 2002R stands out, which will make us happy in 2022 in many variations!

    The Japanese brand Asics is at the forefront when it comes to millenial running. The GEL-Venture, the GEL-Kayano 14, but also the entry-level model GEL-1130 are perfectly equipped for the hottest season. Suede & mesh, breathable upper, lightweight construction - the recipe is no secret and looks good with any chino, shorts or swim trunks!

    By the way, those who prefer vegan shoes will be happy here: most Millenial Runners don't use leather or other animal materials.

    -> Here you can find all retro basketball sneakers in our online store.


    This category experienced its big hype in the 2010s, when adidas really went through the roof with models like NMD and the UltraBoost. Sock sneakers or sneakers with sock-like uppers can still be found in the portfolio of well-stocked sneaker stores in 2022. NMD and UltraBoost have been part of the Three Stripes' portfolio for years, but the Ozrah sock sneaker, which we've had in the store since 2021, is a new addition. The upper construction mostly gets by without much lining, plus many are comfortable to wear without socks, making the shoes an absolute daily driver for summer.

    Nike is a bit more classic, but no less modern: with an upper made of neoprene, the Air Huarache and Air Presto were popular when they were introduced in 1992 and 2000, respectively, but for many customers they were still quite futuristic. Today, they feel "just right" and are extremely popular - also because of their light, airy upper construction and well-cushioned sole. Perfect for balmy summer nights and walks on summer vacation.

    -> Here you can find summer sneakers in our online store.


    One of the oldest sneakers ever is the Chuck Taylor from Converse - the shoe has been around for over 70 years and it feels like it's back in fashion year after year because its ingeniously simple construction makes it simply versatile to wear. For the summer, the "simple" classic with canvas upper and no special lining is particularly suitable. Anything extra only makes the shoe warmer. The low-top version is the absolute perennial favorite among the "sneaker & shorts" combinations.

    -> Here you can find all Chucks in our online store


    "Make it a sneaker but make it higher" - this, or something similar, is probably the claim of the platform sneakers, which are especially popular among female sneaker fans.

    A special feature up front: most platform sneakers are not characterized by their airy uppers or breathable soles - they simply go top with light summer outfits, mix sporty and chic and therefore belong in this list. The number of sneakers with raised soles is rising and rising: in addition to the Nike Blazer Platform Low and the Chuck Taylor Lift High, there is now also the iconic adidas Forum as a variant with a "thick" sole with the Triple Platform Low.

    -> Here you can find platform sneakers in our online store


    Honestly: shorts, t-shirt, Air Max 1. As an outfit for the summer classic, but absolutely on point. The Air Max 1 is not only since yesterday a good choice for the summer.... so also this year. Sure, full leather should maybe think twice, but for example the OG variants with synthetic suede and mesh are definitely *summer-approved*!

    After Nike pushed the Air Max 1 last year especially with the 4 Patta collabo releases and reignited the "fire" around the "one" not least with the CNCPTS collabo, the Air Max 1 will play a big role again this summer. We predict that there are some good colorways coming, which can also be combined pretty fresh in 2022.

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