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  • Sinn x Asphaltgold – 144 St Sa C.A.D.


    When we visited Sinn Uhrenwerke in Frankfurt in May 21, it became clear to us right away: With this collaboration, we are dealing with a partner who is just as driven by passion as we are. It was patience, care and dedication that we observed as we looked over the shoulders of the watchmakers.
    This was "Dedication" - heart and soul, passion and an attention to detail.
    Exactly the same "Dedication" that we live at Asphaltgold and that is reflected in our slogan "Culture. Aesthetics. Dedication." At that moment, we knew something very cool could be created here. Today, one and a half years later, we can finally present our heart's project: The 144 St Sa C.A.D.

    144 St Sa C.A.D.

    Asphaltgold is a team effort. So we took inspiration from iconic US team jerseys for the harmonious color combination of the watch. The dial of the 144 St Sa C.A.D. is cream white, making it the first 144 with a light-colored dial. It is decorated with the Asphaltgold logo, which can also be found on the rotor. The tachymeter scale inside bears the slogan "Culture. Aesthetics. Dedication." Indexes as well as hour, minute and second hands are lined with black luminous material and are rounded off in color by the chronograph function hands designed in green.
    The 144 St Sa C.A.D. is made of pearl-blasted stainless steel and has a case diameter of 41 mm. As a sports chronograph, the watch also brings powerful inner values, such as negative pressure resistance, water resistance and pressure resistance up to 20 bar. Our special edition is limited to 100 pieces.

    Two brands. One passion.

    A sneaker retailer from Darmstadt and a traditional manufacturer of mechanical watches: Does that fit? Absolutely - as the 144 St Sa C.A.D. model proves. The timepiece combines the best of both worlds, presenting itself as both contemporary and classic.

    It is not only the local proximity of the two Hessian companies that is striking in this collaboration. Both companies are experts - almost nerds - in their field, and most of their colleagues could probably give presentations on sneakers or watches that would last several hours. Whether you ask them to or not. Asphaltgold and Sinn share a love of detail and passion for the product. The sporting influence that can be found in the design and functionality of the products is also a common feature that characterizes both companies. But probably the most beautiful and nostalgic reason for Asphaltgold's CEO Daniel aka Dani Benz goes back to 2012.

    A 144 from the 80s

    Without explicit expectations, but with a passion for sneakers, Dani stood behind the sales counter in his small store at Friedensplatz in Darmstadt back then. Realizing that his passion, a small "sneaker store" has become a growing business, he fulfills a small wish; a used 144 from the 80s. So it's no surprise that it's the Chronograph 144 St Sa on which this heart project was realized.

    The 144 St Sa C.A.D releases on 10/27/2022 at 09:00, costs 2790€ and is exclusively available at Asphaltgold.

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