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    Most sneakerheads will immediately think of the Air Max 1, Trainer 1 or Air Safari when it comes to Nike sneakers from 1987. Tinker Hatfield and his legendary design team did a great job back then and laid the foundation of many retro sneaker collections.

    Less known and still without a retro release to this day is the Nike Astral, which was also released in 1987. Just look at this shape!

    Thanks to our colleague Robert, who got hold of the orange colorway of the Nike Astral a few weeks ago and made it available to us. Be sure to check out his Instagram channel if you like vintage sneakers!

    On Youtube you can watch the latest episode of RETRO RECALL, but also bing past episodes, so subscribe to the channel here! Feedback is very welcome in the comment section of the Youtube videos.

    To get your hands on the Nike Astral, you'll have to get lucky on eBay, at the flea market or at a well-stocked vintage store. You can find the latest Nike retro runners in our shop!