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  • Der Reebok Classic Leather kehrt zurück


    There is probably no more famous model from Reebok than the Classic Leather. With the release of the Classic Leather 1983 Vintage the brand puts its popular running silhouette, which is an evergreen on the streets for over 35 years, back into focus.

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    In response to the fitness revolution of the 80s, Reebok developed the Classic Leather. An all-rounder that performs during a workout in the gym and a morning run or on the squash court - and especially on the street! It was the unusual combination of a running sneaker with a leather upper that set Reebok apart from the competition, giving the sporty style a classy and luxurious feel that paved the way for its success as a lifestyle silhouette. Reebok also set new standards in advertising with the tagline "You've Arrived": sneakers are more than just athletic shoes. In addition, the brand focused on marketing it as a unisex model, filling a gap in the market, while Nike and adidas continued to focus on male styles.

    In the late 1980s and early '90s, Reebok's Classic Leather - especially the white one - became the symbol of a new style-conscious society. Multi-functionality, comfort and an affordable price made it a must-have for any sneaker rotation. To this day, the Classic is an integral part of pop culture and a wide variety of subcultures - further proof of the concept's success!

    The Classic Leather 1983 Vintage comes as a faithful reissue with many OG details such as a terry cloth lining in a vintage look, piping in the heel area and the midsole with a special feel. The tongue label and taffeta woven label come straight from the Reebok archives. In addition to the soft leather and nylon upper, the colorways are also detailed to the original. Besides the warm white version with light grey color accents and light grey outsole, Reebok also brings back the light grey version with red accents and black outsole.

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