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  • Nike *Platinum Tint* Pack

    Nike *Platinum Tint Pack*

    "You can never have enough white sneakers," goes an old collector's adage. And what's true for white, of course, is even more true for platinum. With the *Platinum Tint Pack* presents Nike presents five extremely trendy court silhouettes in a clean, homogeneous look. The perfect opportunity to do justice to the aforementioned wisdom and expand your collection of white (or platinum-colored) sneakers.

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    The models included in the pack Air Force 1, Blazer '77 VNTG, Blazer Low, Court Vintage PRM and Squash Type unites as a common denominator all the career. Once designed purely as sports shoes for basketball, tennis and squash, all have now arrived in the lifestyle sector. In the flourishing market of sneakers that have made the leap from the court to the street, Nike has been able to score neatly in recent years and expresses this strength with the *Platinum Tint Pack*.

    As a visual guide, the "Fabulous Five" combines a very premium leather upper, light grey suede parts and cream midsoles. The full load of court vibes comes to the fore with textile linings and vintage foam tongues on the two blazers. Sporty and elegant - an unbeatable combination that never fails to impress and that Nike releases "in a pure guise" perfect for summer (see gallery below for detail photos).

    Squash type awakens memories

    We particularly like the *Platinum Tint* execution on the Squash Type silhouette. The model, which like the Court Vintage PRM is new to the market, reminds us of a tennis classic from 1984 that sits on many sneakerheads' Grail shelves. We're talking about the Nike Mac Attack - a shoe that, with its black color accents, caused as much of a stir in the "White Sport" back in the day as its wearer and namesake John McEnroe. A look at the shape of the Mudguard in particular conjures up images of legendary Superbrat freakouts. Didn't someone just yell "You cannot be serious!"?

    But the *Platinum Tint* makeover doesn't just look good on the Squash-Type. The other models are also a refreshing style statement thanks to the successful combination of court heritage and classy aesthetics and can be used on almost any terrain. Skate park? Sure! Business casual? For sure! Club visit? I don't understand the question. With the *Platinum Tint Pack*, Nike delivers a very cohesive and well-rounded set that will not only make the hearts of court silhouette fans beat faster.

    Note: The Nike Squash Type will be available in the next few days. All other silhouettes can already be found in our online store.

    ⟶ To the Nike *Platinum Tint Pack* in our online store