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  • Nike *DNA CH.1 Pack*: Air Max 1 meets Air Huarache

    Nike *DNA CH.1 Pack*: Air Max 1 meets Air Huarache

    After Nike's designer legend Tinker Hatfield in 1987 with the Air Max 1 in 1987, he followed it up with a second model in 1991, the Air Huarache, which has written pages of sneaker history. Although the two silhouettes from Hatfield's pen differ in appearance and construction, conceptually they have some parallels and share a common heritage. True to the motto "Best of Both Worlds," Nike is releasing an Air Max 1 in the OG "Purple Punch" colorway of the Huarache as part of the *DNA CH.1 Pack*. But it's not just the colors that evoke nostalgic feelings - the Huarache 's signature neoprene material and a plastic panel on the heel are also used on this Air Max 1.

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    A crucial link between the Air Max 1 and the Huarache is, above all, the extraordinary sources of inspiration that animated Hatfield's creative spirit. When the trained architect got to see the Centre Pompidou during a trip to Paris, he was impressed by the "transparency" of the building and the approach of exposing the internal structures and using them as a stylistic device instead of disguising them - as is usually the case. The idea for the Air unit first visible in the Air Max 1 was born.

    With the Huarache, it was a water-skiing excursion that finally prompted Hatfield to launch a groundbreaking design. Intrigued by the snug neoprene material used in water ski boots, he developed a shoe stripped down to the essentials. So Hatfield not only reshaped the outer shell into a supportive exoskeleton, exposing the neoprene inner shoe, but even dispensed with the iconic Swoosh entirely.


    Guerrilla action brings Huarache to life

    This "revolution" almost resulted in the Huarache not going into production, as pre-orders from skeptical retailers initially failed to materialize. However, Nike's product manager Tom Hartge believed in the Huarache, issued an order for 5,000 units on his own authority and sold them within three days in a guerrilla action during the New York Marathon. After word of the success had spread, orders from retailers suddenly skyrocketed and the foundation was laid for a long and successful career for the Huarache.


    "Have you hugged your foot today?" asked Nike at the time in ads for the accompanying campaign, referring to the comfortable feel of the Huarache. We took the theme in a slightly adapted form and applied it to a fictional poster for the Air Max 1 "Purple Punch."

    Online release: 13.03.2020 | 09:00 (CET)

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