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  • New Balance 990 V5 – worn by supermodels and dads

    Photo-Editorial "Worn by supermodels and dads"

    The 990 is the sneaker of the moment and that's why we put the style in the spotlight again. The theme? Worn by supermodels in London and dads in Ohio! Check out the gallery below for our photo series!

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    New Balance 990 V5 - Tradition meets Innovation

    As an American traditional company New Balance looks back on more than 100 years of company history. During this time, several iconic models were created that have become legends. One silhouette in particular has recently come into focus: the New Balance 990. First released in 1982, this classic can confidently be called the forefather of the dad shoe trend. "Worn by supermodels in London and dads in Ohio " - this claim probably describes the versatility of the 990 best.

    Now New Balance takes the next big step and brings us the 5th version of the classic: the New Balance 990 V5.

    A few weeks ago we received mail from the New Balance headquarters in Boston. We were invited to visit the sacred production halls of New Balance and look over the shoulders of the employees during the production of the new New Balance 990 V5. Of course, we didn't have to be told twice. So David, our Head of Marketing, got on the plane to Boston to take a closer look. On site, David had the opportunity to meet Eric Vassel and Scot Hull and talk to them about the new 990 V5, its future and the production in the USA. Since we don't want to withhold the whole thing from you, we have recorded the impressions of this trip in a small video for you.

    The look and feel of the new New Balance 990 V5 is very reminiscent of its predecessors and the aesthetics of the new silhouette look familiar. That being said, the new New Balance 990 V5 also brings with it a few new features. The progressive midsole of the V4 has been replaced with a more simplistic midsole to give the shoe a more modern look. The 990 V5 logo can be found on the tongue and heelcap. The toebox still features two suede stripes, which have become characteristic of the 990. The panelling on the mudguard has also been slightly changed. Another nice detail is the reflective New Balance logo on the sides of the shoe. Rounding out the new design is a new TPU power strap on the side, giving the shoe a slightly more futuristic look. As a "Made in USA" model, the new V5 is also characterized by particularly high quality.

    With the 990 V5, New Balance successfully continues the 990 tradition. Despite the slightly reworked look, the characteristic 990 aesthetic remains on the V5 and you can feel the typical New Balance heritage spirit on this new silhouette as well. For both old-school sneakerheads and fashionistas alike, the new 990V5 is sure to be a highlight.

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