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  • Asphaltgold x Chris Labrooy for Nike Air Max III *Infrared*

    Asphaltgold x Chris Labrooy for Nike Air Max III *Infrared*.

    30 years of Nike Air Max III aka Nike Air Max 90 - an absolute sneaker classic celebrates its anniversary and Asphaltgold celebrates with it. On November 29th, a new retro of the OG *Infrared* colorway will be released for the round birthday - 1:1 in the OG colors, the authentic materials and the classic Nike box.

    To celebrate the big birthday in a fitting way, we got together with Scottish 3D artist Chris Labrooy and asked him to reinterpret the Air Max 90 *Infrared* in a work of art. Labrooy is a big fan of design classics, cars, but also sneakers - which is reflected in many of his works (for Nike, Apple, Jaguar and Porsche, among others). In his work, he is particularly interested in the intersection between typography, architecture, product design and visual art, and tries to integrate these very elements.

    When we opened up to him about the Air Max III, Chris immediately knew it was going to be highly motorized. After all, the "III" is the "sports car" of sneaker history. The shape aerodynamic and progressive looking, the side panels could be from a classic Ferrari, the color bold, loud and impressive - it's no secret that Air Max III designer Tinker Hatfield was inspired by Italian sports cars. The association with sporty cars is also reflected in the design that Chris Labrooy created for us. The Nike Air Max III Infrared has power like no other shoe in the sneaker game!

    For the release of the Nike Air Max III OG *Infrared* we include we include the stylish poster in DIN A2 with every order - while stocks last! Release of the Nike Air Max III OG *Infrared* is the 29.11.2020.

    The history of the Nike Air Max III *Infrared*

    In 1987, Nike started a sneaker revolution with the introduction of the Air Max 1 - both in terms of design and technology. The design model for the then aspiring young designer Tinker Hatfield was the Centre Pompidou in Paris, its many colors and outward tubes, corridors and shafts. The visible Air Bubble was born and the Air Max 1 became a huge success.

    In 1989, the Air Max Light followed with a similar look, but smaller changes in material composition on the upper and in the sole. However, it wasn't until 1990 that the success of the "One" was matched by the third Air Max and again it was Tinker Hatfield who was responsible for the design. With the Air Max III, Hatfield managed to keep the vibe of the Air Max 1 alive, yet create a completely new shoe - one that is still one of the absolute must-haves of the sneaker scene worldwide.

    The Air Max III - its original name, which was replaced by "Air Max 90" with the first retro and now revived for the anniversary - featured a slightly larger and more evolved Air Bubble in the midsole, which was highlighted by the first and arguably most iconic colorway found in the sneaker world. *Infrared* was gaudy, a mix of neon pink and red, loud and bold - a color usually only known and loved on late 1980s sports cars. Hardly any other color has made it as far in the sneaker industry as *Infrared* - the Air Max III became the Ferrari among running shoes.

    What seems unimaginable today: fans had to wait more than ten years for the first retro of the "90s". It was not until 2001 that the first retro of the OG colorway of the Air Max III appeared, but the success ensured that the intervals thereafter became shorter. Since then, the iconic colorway appears regularly on the Air Max 90 and other Nike silhouettes. In terms of materials, Nike has been particularly creative in the last ten years: The *Infrared* appeared among other things as a Hyperfuse variant, with vintage sole, seamless upper, "tapered" and Flyknit.