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    asphaltgold introduces "VEGAN & ECO-FRIENDLY" category

    Consumer behavior is changing all over the world. More and more people are making the decision to live consciously and support ethically justifiable production. Topics like sustainability, fair trade and veganism are on everyone's lips and are passionately discussed around the globe.

    We at asphaltgold welcome this development and want to do our bit to ensure that our environment is not blindly destroyed. Therefore, we have made it our business to pay special attention to sustainability throughout our company. Be it in the selection of sneaker models and apparel pieces for our assortment, by taking measures to reduce the return rate, the use of ecologically compatible materials in our shipping packaging and, last but not least, the restructuring of internal company processes - every measure contributes to reducing our ecological footprint.

    Attributes help with orientation

    To offer our customers an even better service, we have decided to introduce a new category in our online store. Under the tab"VEGAN & ECO-FRIENDLY" you will now find all products that are either completely vegan, leather-free or Fairtrade compliant. You can see which of these attributes the respective product falls under by the black bordered tags, which are located on the category overview pages above the products or in the description on the respective product detail page.

    A significant example of the focus on sustainability is our positioning of the brand Veja. We were probably the first retailer in the core sneaker segment to include the French brand in our portfolio and have gradually expanded the model range. But the proportion of sustainable models in our range has also increased for other brands. One tool that helps us reduce the returns rate and the associated environmental impact is our free Fittingroom app. It combats the problem of different sizes from different manufacturers and thus helps customers to find the right shoe directly.

    We have also had success with the packaging material for our shipping boxes and switched to brown cardboard with the FSC seal some time ago. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) has defined criteria and principles for responsible forestry. According to these, it awards a seal of quality to managed forests and products. We are still a long way from reaching our goal and still have potential for optimization in many areas. But with the introduction of the new "Sustainable" category, we are taking the next step in the right direction.

    Jaybeez picks its top 5 for us

    To launch our new category, we asked sneakerhead "Jaybeez" to pick his top 5 from our lineup and give reasons for his choice. On his account instagram.com/jaybeezishangintough he pursues his passion for clothes and shoes and has made a reputation for himself in the vegan sneaker community. Again, we specifically say thanks for the effort and hope you enjoy his favorites!

    1. Nike Air Max 90 *Recrafted* Royal Blue


    Well, what can I say? One of the classics par excellence and in this new model version, which is supposed to lean much more to the original shape design, the thing also makes a quite slim foot. Especially in contrast to the rather clunkier predecessor models of the last ten years. Some of them had room for a bus across the toebox. And why this colorway? Because I don't have that many shoes with royal blue accents yet. I'm excited about what else is coming this year for the 30th anniversary of the 90s, my account less ...

    2. Vans Authentic 44 DX


    The next classic. I can't imagine my feet without the Authentic. Black is just also unsurpassed. Goes everywhere and with everything. I especially like the Anaheim models.

    3. Nike Air Ghost Racer


    Another retro model. Pretty underrated, in my opinion. I'm basically into "sleake" runners from the 90s and the Ghost Racer is no exception. It's also very comfortable on my feet, which is an added plus.

    4. New Balance ML860XE


    Actually, I'm not a big fan of "dad shoes", but a big fan of New Balance. Unfortunately, there are virtually no leather-free options in the lifestyle sector or of the classic retro models. I luckily own a 1500IB, which is one of my absolute favorite shoes, but that's almost where it ends. The ML860 is less sleek than the other models I picked, but just not too chunky either, has a little bit of 90s antics and reference to end-90s sweatpants mosh style. So awesome!

    5. Nike Air Streak Lite


    Speaking of sleek or sleak, the Air Streak Lite probably fits that description quite aptly. Another retro runner that has also just been released. Will probably be as underrated on shelves as the Ghost Racer, but I celebrate it!