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    There's no place like home! Especially during Christmas season, the old saying proves true again and again. The drive back home, visiting your family, the reunion with old friends: priceless! Our Asphaltgold *Homecoming* Capsule is dedicated to this unique feeling of home. Key Piece is the Asphaltgold x Golden Bear Varsity Jacket. A hoodie, two crewnecks and a longsleeve complete the drop, which will be released on 17.12.2021 at 18:00 (CET).

    check out the Asphaltgold *Homecoming* capsule in our online shop

    "Distant Memories of a place i used to know so well": Reading the embroidery on the front of the Asphaltgold x Golden Bear Varsity Jacket, you'll inevitably dive into the world of delicious lunches at grandma and grandpa's house, movie nights with your parents, and boozy nights with the homies at the local pub. Quality time!

    Quality is also top priority for the Asphaltgold x Golden Bear Varsity Jacket. Forest Melton Wool, Naked Cow Leather and LT Gold or Natural Knit are the materials used. The embroideries – besides the "Distant Memories" lettering mentioned, an "A", "Asphaltgold" and "Est. 2008 Never Gone" on the front and "Never really gone" on the back - are chainstitched and complemented by chenille embellishments. The colour scheme of the boxy Varsity Jacket is green, beige and yellow. A guaranteed eye-catcher that will definitely make you stand out!


    Chainstitch embroidery can also be found on the two crewnecks of the collection. While the black crewneck is embroidered with an "A" on the front and "Never really gone" on the back, the grey crewneck comes with a "Memories" chest embroidery in US College style. Made in the USA and pre-washed to maintain the oversized fit. Because if you want to spend relaxing movie nights on the (grand)parent's couch, you need it comfy!

    The last two pieces in the collection - a longsleeve and a hoodie - feature a classic "Asphaltgold" chest print. The grey hoodie is also made in the USA, consists of 100% high-quality 390 g/m² cotton and has a boxy fit. Again, the hoodie is pre-washed so there's no risk of it shrinking in the wash. The white longsleeve is also made of 100% cotton and has a loose fit. Until the release on 17.12. at 18:00 (CET), we recommend you to already look forward to the beautiful memories and new stories that await you when you return home. Because no matter where you end up. You are "never really gone"!

    check out the Asphaltgold *Homecoming* capsule in our online shop