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  • asphaltgold goes Spotify!

    asphaltgold goes Spotify!

    "Without music, life would be a mistake!" Yes, quoting Friedrich Nietzsche is not the most innovative intellectual achievement. But for one thing, it's early in the morning. And for another, the kid is just damn right! The close connection between sneakers and music is well known and is of course part of asphaltgold's corporate DNA. And since we already share an intimate passion for sneakers with you, it's only logical to do the same with music: From now on, we'll be churning out hot playlists on Spotify on a regular basis. Whether we pick a specific theme or just let straight fire loose, the story always has bounce!

    In keeping with the current situation, how about our "Stay At Home & Feel Good" playlist to make your time in isolation a little more bearable? Little hint: The track order is not completely random ;-).

    On top there are four essential playlists that cover the core of our musical cosmos: Hip-Hop, R&B, Funk and Nu Disco. Have fun and don't forget to follow us!