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    With the asphaltgold fittingroom never again order sneakers in the wrong size.

    Sneakers are different from model to model, even though they have the same size. With the asphaltgold fittingroom we want to help you find the right size right away. For this purpose we constantly try on our entire range and compare the models with each other. Based on a sneaker from your shoe closet, the asphaltgold fitting room will recommend the right size for your desired sneaker. Our free app is your mobile size guide that will make your next sneaker purchase easier.

    And this is how it works: In the app, you can select the models that fit you perfectly from around 1000 stored models. It doesn't matter whether they are older or brand-new styles. The selection serves as a reference point for the database. In the next step, you select the sneaker that you want to call your own in the future. The app tells you the right size of the desired object based on the models from your shoe closet.

    Example: If you own a Nike Air Max 1 in size 40, the app will recommend size 38.5 for the new Nike Flyknit Roshe Run.

    • Our service is available free of charge for iOS (iPhone) and Andoid (Google Play).
    • programmed in German and English
    • usable offline
    • is constantly and automatically updated with new models

    Try it out now!

    Download asphaltgold-fittingroom for iOS on the App Store

    Download asphaltgold-fittingroom on Android

    In addition to the asphaltgold fittingroom app, we have developed a desktop version of the size guide, which you can now find in our online store. Click on the banner to open the desktop version of our size guide. In three simple steps you will be recommended the right size of your desired sneaker.

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