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  • Asics Gel-Kayano V - der perfekte Dad Sneaker!

    Asics Gel-Kayano V - the perfect dad sneaker!

    Tasked with designing the best running shoe in the world, Toshikazu Kayano launched the Gel-Kayano Trainer in 1993. He wasn't necessarily aware at the time that he would leave a lasting mark on the running scene with his name. Many sneakerheads won't have realized it either, but the Gel-Kayano is not only the most successful running shoe of all time, the model series itself is also one of the largest in the entire running shoe sector. Now at version 25, only the original silhouette has made it into the retro lifestyle segment.

    The Gel-Kayano V thus becomes a game changer for Asics! The first time the K5 was introduced in the middle of this year in the show of the fashion label GmbH in Paris. Next week the time has come and the performance bolide of yesteryear comes back for the first time with all its technical refinements, such as the DuoMax midsole and the visible Gel element on the heel!

    The very contemporary silhouette comes back on 11/16/2018 in the original colorway and delivers a heavy dose of dadcore vibes! But stay tuned, Asics has another pair of aces up its sleeve and will provide some highlights on the Kayano V in 2019. In addition to other strong inline releases, there will be one or the other collab, which will provide for proper attention!

    Coming soon!

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