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  • Outdoor Sneaker at Asphaltgold

    Style meets comfort: that sums up the spirit of outdoor sneakers. They create the ideal trade-off between fashion and functionality. With Outdoor Kicks you can test your sporty limits - without having to accept compromises in terms of aesthetics. On the contrary: let yourself be inspired by our outdoor shoes in exceptionally modern and extravagant designs. From the silhouette to the colorway, they stand for innovation and pure energy.

    Level up: with outdoor sneakers from Asphaltgold

    The next adventure is about to start? Not without your new outdoor sneakers. With their sophisticated functional details, these kicks support you whether on asphalt, off-road or in the mountains - our range of outdoor sneakers keeps you prepared for all eventualities. The classic casual shoes are water-repellent, durable, breathable and have a comfortable footbed. You gain a level-up in comfort thanks to removable insoles: So you can easily replace the sole with a more comfortable or breathable variant.

    Depending on your needs, the kicks are either low-tops and very lightweight - as desired for sprinters, climbing shoes or bouldering gear. Or they put the focus on High-Tops cushioning, leather and profile, as you know it from hiking boots or trekking shoes or approach shoes for mountaineering. The USP of our outdoor sneakers compared to classic outdoor shoes: Style is key!

    Karhu Fusion 2.0 Outdoor Sneaker
    Sustainable Salomon Outdoor Sneakers
    Fusion Xc Outdoor Sneaker

    There's something for everyone: Outdoor Sneaker at Asphaltgold

    How to style outdoors? Our outdoor sneakers show you how. The kicks are available in our store for the most different purposes, in the most different designs and with an individual touch. Whether made of leather, cork or mesh - the variety of upper materials is limitless. Even in terms of color, there are no limits to the world of multifunctional shoes: be it with colorful laces, eyelets, overlays or midsoles - the sneakers always come with a certain extra. Those who like it rather plain in terms of color can go with our Chunky Outdoor variants to make a style statement. So go ahead, sneakerheads: accessorize your outfit with matching outdoor sneakers from Asphaltgold.

    Salomon as go-to: from fashionable hiking shoes to trail running shoes

    Brands like adidas, Nike, New Balance, Asics and Reebok also have outdoor models - Salomon is by far the brand leader among outdoor sneakers. In our store you will find a variety of different Salomon models.

    Especially popular: the Salomon-XT. It is very functional for running, and thanks to the fast-lacing system, it can also be put on quickly. With the lightweight sole, the textile upper, as well as the soft cushioning, nothing stands in the way of the Best Pace. However, the Salomon XT is more than just a trail running shoe. Even beyond running, the Salomon classic quickly becomes a daily driver. Because with its simple design, the XT can be combined with anything in everyday life - besides, the Sneaker often completely vegan.

    Those who like it a little more unusual, choose the Salomon XA-Alpine 2 Advanced. It proves that outdoor sneakers are really suitable for all surfaces. From the design as light as a sneaker, but from the function as robust and water-repellent as a winter sneaker - that makes this outdoor sneaker the ideal component of any hiking and ski touring equipment or cross-country skiing equipment.

    Particularly striking: the integrated gaiter (instead of laces), which nestles firmly and protectively around the ankle and provides support, especially when climbing. On the one hand, the Salomon XA-Alpine with the stable but at the same time thin sole is reminiscent of barefoot shoes, on the other hand, it is thus also ideally suited for mountain biking. Let's face it: Combined with the right clothing, the XA-Alpine is a must-have for any bike gear.

    adidas Equipment Csg 91 Gt Brown Black Core Black Brown Black
    Hoka Outdoor Sneaker
    New Balance Outdoor Sneaker

    From professional sports to the road: multifunctional shoes from On, Karhu and Hoka

    More and more sports brands have gained a foothold in the streetwear sector - be it with Apparel, accessories or shoes. In addition to Salomon, many other prominent sports and outdoor brands can be found in the Asphaltgold store.

    One example: The Swiss brand On is a true great in the running sector with its shoes. We offer many models from the Cloud series - their trademark: the cloud-shaped sole, as the name suggests. Sneakerheads also make their mark off the trails with this design.

    The sports brand Karhu brings hip outdoor sneakers and styles straight from Finland to the Asphaltgold store. Compared to On, the models of the Finnish brand are rather kept in white. Colorful laces, tongues or overlays nevertheless make every outdoor shoe of the brand an absolute eye-catcher.

    "Fly over the earth" - the literal translation of the brand name Hoka. With our kicks from Hoka you can do just that on the track as well as in everyday life - because the shoes are so comfortable and stylish that you won't want to take them off.

    Outdoor sneakers for men: waterproof and breathable

    Unisex is now standard among most sneakers. Nevertheless, there are also special outdoor sneakers for men. They are usually characterized by more muted colors and a modern, chunky silhouette. Water-repellent uppers (leather or vegan alternatives), a pronounced footbed and breathable construction ensure comfort - even on spontaneous adventures.

    Sneakers for outdoor: ladies need lighter and narrower models

    Outdoor sneakers for women are often narrower and more colorful. Especially for running and trail running shoes, it makes sense to buy gender-specific instead of unisex sneakers. This is because for outdoor trainers, the perfect fit and adequate weight of the shoes is what matters.

    Which shoes you end up feeling comfortable with is super individual. Just as with sneakers for everyday wear, hiking boots or approach shoes, there's only one thing that helps: try them on. Sometimes a different insole (made of cork, for example) can help to optimize the wearing comfort.

    Outdoor Sneaker buying in Asphaltgold online store

    Our outdoor shoes show: Function, comfort and style are not contradictions. Whether sneakers from Salomon, casual shoes from On or multifunctional shoes from Karhu and Hoka - the outdoor kicks support you on all surfaces.

    As a daily driver in everyday life, they are just as indispensable as from the bicycle equipment, cross-country skiing equipment or as climbing shoes. Buy the style and buy matching clothing, accessories and other products of the same brand to the outdoor sneakers. Just take a look at the Asphaltgold online store!