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    If you look back at the iconic sneaker silhouettes of the last 10 years, you can't get past it: the adidas NMD

    The NMD concept, with which adidas shook up the sneaker world in 2016, is one of the few models that have had a lasting impact on the industry. The sock-like construction was new and above all different, and later served as inspiration for many brands, especially in the fashion sector. Since then, adidas has repeatedly managed to provide the NMD with various updates and thus keep the silhouette on the pulse of time - most recently with the S1, which we staged at the beginning of this year in a Editorial with football star Serge Gnabry staged earlier this year.

    The NMD S1 is probably the cleanest and at the same time most timeless version of the NMD: if you look at the silhouette as a whole, you can see the artful interplay of different shapes, textures and design elements: the NMD S1 absolutely convinces us with its multidimensionality.

    Asphaltgold has teamed up with Danish art collective Atelier Plateau for the next drop of the NMD S1 to highlight the universal and timeless nature of the S1. Atelier Plateau aka Anne & Mikkel create  sculptures inspired by Scandinavian design history. They focus on natural materials, timeless aesthetics and simplicity - creating serene yet contemporary works of art.

    The release of the adidas NMD S1 will take place on 12/15 / 00:00 (CET) via asphaltgold.com.


    For adidas and Asphaltgold Atelier Plateau created a very special artwork, inspired by the progressive design of the adidas NMD S1 silhouette. In its simplicity, the 1of1 artwork can serve as a display for the NMD, but it can also be completely detached and stand on its own. Borrowings from the design of the NMD S1 are nevertheless recognizable if you take a closer look: whether the interplay of light and shadow, reminiscent of the slightly translucent parts of the shoe, or the ribbed edge of the work, which reflects the profile of the sole.

    By the way, small spoiler: You can even win the valuable unique piece after the release - follow us on Instagram to not miss the Raffle!


    We talked to Atelier Plateau to get to know Anne & Mikkel better and their artistic vision, as well as the thoughts in creating the "NMD"-Artwork better understand. What is behind the work and how they generally respond to the

    We spoke with Atelier Plateau to get to know them better and their artistic vision, as well as the thoughts behind the creation of "NMD".-artwork better.

    Creating a relief for adidas NMD S1 - was it something new for you to draw
    inspiration from a sneaker and was the workflow different compared to
    your other artworks?
    AP: When we received the invitation from Asphaltgold to create a bespoke sculpture for the Adidas NMD S1 sneaker, we knew immediately that we wanted to take part in this project. Both the opportunity to inspire for an active living, and to interpret a sneaker that represents the pinnacle expression of Adidas' craft into a sculpture, has brought both inspiration and joy. This bespoke sculpture holds the values that we appreciate and has culminated in a range of plateaus celebrating the fusion between technology and a human perspective-in synergy with the Adidas NMD S1 sneaker.
    As architects, we always draw inspiration from different contexts-however, it has been a unique project for us to not only be inspired by the Adidas NMD S1, but also to display the sneaker on top of the sculpture's varying plateaus. This dialogue between the sneaker and our sculpture has been the backbone of our whole process.

    What's the idea behind that relief inspired by adidas NMD S1?
    AP: In this project we explore and challenge the experience and perception of the Adidas
    NMD S1 through a sculpture-as we interpret the sneaker into a series of sculptural and
    subtle abstracted plateaus. The viewer is invited to watch volumes of shadows grow as light moves across the surfaces. In this way, our aim is to highlight the connection between the plateaus and the Adidas NMD S1, encouraging the observation of time passing. Each of the sculpture's twelve unique plateaus are in themselves an interpretation of the Adidas NMD S1 sneaker; together they form a united piece, but can also be displayed in different compositions and function in small clusters or as separate displays. This feature offers flexibility, allowing the plateaus to be rearranged into different narratives and introduce new visual interest to the Adidas NMD S1 sneaker.
    The subtle qualities of the sculpture is an integral component of our work. Made from
    finely crushed stone and natural color pigments, the plateaus are hand-painted with
    different techniques that are highly sensory to the viewer-inspired by smooth surfaces to soft textured materials of the Adidas NMD S1 sneaker. Each of the plateaus bears a unique depth, dimension and textural expression.

    Can you tell a bit about the different phases of your process (from the
    beginning to the end result)?
    AP: Our creative methodology has been anchored in a study of the Adidas NMD S1 sneaker to create a point of departure for our 'inspiration' phase. Taking in the futuristic and subtle expression of the sneaker, we immediately felt inspired by all the details. We closely studied the elements and textures of the sneaker as an investigative process to inform our sculpture. Continuing into our 'composing' phase, we experimented with different compositions of the sculpture's plateaus to create different narratives displaying the Adidas NMD S1 sneaker with a focus on the interplay between light and shadow. From here we developed our art pieces further in the 'detailing' phase, where our process goes beyond the form alone to deeper explorations into different textural surfaces-in synergy with the Adidas NMD S1 sneaker.

    What does "craftism" mean to you / How do you define "craftism"?

    AP: In a time where our living and sensing has become more digital than ever before, it is
    essential to infuse a human perspective and a sensory approach to the objects and materials that form our modern living.
    For us 'craftism' not only defines a human perspective and a great attention to detail, but
    also a human-centric design philosophy, which celebrates the perfectly imperfect and the natural as well as aims to retain this authenticity.
    Our sculpture reintroduce a thousand-year-old tradition rooted in the physical sensing of
    our inhabited surroundings.
    For us, the relief format holds enduring value as a means of expressing shadow play and texture.
    With the explorations into light and shadow, we
    encourage the viewer to spend time in the space to experience the changing expressions of each plateau as the time and conditions in the space change. The sculpture is in dialogue with its surroundings and encourage the viewer to be present in this moment.

    Working together and being a couple. How does it work for you both - do
    you always have the same vision? Do you have separate responsibilities/
    AP: We appreciate our ability to merge our working and private lives, as well as our family life. We strive to have a continuous creative process where both of us can equally
    contribute with our individual ideas and aspirations.
    As partners, it is also essential that
    we share the same overall aims and have a common understanding of how and when we wish to work, in order to find a holistic balance in our everyday life.

    Thank you very much!

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