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  • Welcome to Asphaltgold, Reception!

    Welcome to Asphaltgold, Reception!

    "It's all about food and socializing. Actually, the claim is quite enough to know that behind the associated brand can only be a sympathetic spirit with a pronounced savoir-vivre attitude. Pierre Boiselle is the founder and designer of Reception Clothing, who pursues a strong community philosophy with his apparel collections. "It's not a brand and you're not a customer, we're all guests and the table is long enough to welcome all of us," the profile text of the sums up the sense of community. For us at Asphaltgold, as big supporters of the community idea, this is more than a perfect match! And that's why we are very happy to carry Reception Clothing in our assortment with immediate effect!

    ⟶ Go to the Reception Clothing SS21 drop in our online store.

    Once started as a pure graphic tee brand in France's culinary stronghold Lyon, the Reception collections now consist of jackets, shirts, pants and sweaters in addition to t-shirts. Fittingly, the main inspiration for the design is the theme of food in all its variations. Some Pieces are therefore also a direct homage to restaurants from around the world, which for Boiselle, as convivial places where you spend precious time with friends, play a central role in social interaction. But skating, music and art also serve as sources of inspiration.

    Kitchen Wear is the overriding theme of the Spring/Summer 2021 collection, picked up for example by embroidered "Home Cooked Poetry" or "Food For Thought" lettering. The frequently used checkerboard patterns are hand-designed and celebrate human imperfection with lines deliberately left odd. In addition, there are influences such as the works of US author Ralph Ginzburg. Artists like Kogan, Jaide Lennox and Axel Pelletanche have also added their touch to the SS21 collections as collaborators. Take a look right now and see Boiselle's creations for yourself!

    ⟶ To the Reception Clothing SS21 drop in our online store