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  • Welcome to asphaltgold, A.P.C.!

    New in our store: A.P.C. from Paris

    As big fans of A.P.C., we at asphaltgold are especially proud to welcome the Parisian apparel brand to our assortment with immediate effect. There couldn't have been a better moment for the joint launch. Just in time for asphaltgold's debut, the designer label is launching a new collection in cooperation with Carhartt WIP.

    That the collaboration between A.P.C. and Carhartt WIP works very well, the two brands already proved several times in the past. Also this time we are not disappointed. The capsule collection titled"Cancel and Replace" includes selected Carhartt pieces, which A.P.C. has given a new touch in its typical style. Classic cuts and a timeless style are the main features of the collection, which consists of a denim jacket, a hoodie, a crossover pant, a shirt, beanies and a hip bag.

    Most visually striking, the logo expresses the symbiosis of the two fashion labels: in the "A.P.C." lettering the iconic curved Carhartt "C" forms the conclusion. We are very happy to be able to offer you the current and future collections of A.P.C. at asphaltgold.


    From Kenzo assistant to own fashion designer

    To understand the influences, attitude and intention of the coveted brand, it is worth taking a look into the past. A.P.C. founder Jean Touitou was born in Tunisia in 1951. When he was nine years old, his parents moved with him from Tunis to Paris, where they found their new home. Impressed by the view he had from the 15th floor of his new home, the young Touitou quickly fell in love with the French metropolis. A few years later, Touitou began studying history and geography at Sorbonne University and was very active politically.

    Touitou never enjoyed professional training as a designer, couturier or tailor. Instead, with the help of some contacts, he assisted Japanese design legend Kenzo Takada for a short time after his studies before finally founding his own label in 1987. The first collection at that time simply bore the name "Hiver 1987", a brand name did not exist at the beginning. In the meantime, A.P.C. enjoys a worldwide reputation and has been shaping Parisian style for over 30 years.

    The abbreviation A.P.C. stands for"Atelier de production et de Création". Since production and creation are of equal importance to Jean Touitou, he wanted to express this with his brand name. Without production, a creation remains nothing more than an idea, and without creation, a garment has no identity of its own, no soul. Touitou has always strictly refused to design garments that do not fit the design philosophy of his life's work, just because it is in vogue at the moment. A.P.C. stands for a constant and uniform design concept. The focus is on high-quality denim fabrics, classic but contemporary cuts and a minimalist design that stands the test of time. These core values are the cornerstones of A.P.C.'s success.

    Check out the "Cancel and Replace" collection from A.P.C. x Carharrt WIP here.

    Online-Release: 10.01.2020 | 06:00 (CET) Instore-Release (AGC | Ludwigsplatz): 10.01.2020 | 11:00 (CET)