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  • Reebok Intv 96

    Reebok Intv 96

    Lush '90s aesthetics, Olympic roots, a move from tartan track to linoleum floors and the question of subtle homage - the cornerstones that make up the story of the Reebok Intv 96 outline arouse curiosity.

    When the silhouette was relaunched under the name Reebok Interval in time for the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, it couldn't have better captured the zeitgeist of the time. The futuristic look paired with a high-performance approach guaranteed the success of the popular runner, which offered particularly high wearing comfort thanks to its Hexalite cushioning.

    Almost 25 years later, the 90s are back in style. Reason enough for Reebokto dive into the archives and release a retro that has been adapted to today's lifestyle thanks to a number of updates. New features include a large Reebok vector logo with 3D effect on the side, reflective elements on the heel and toe box, and an eye-catching Reebok Classic logo on the tongue.

    Breakdancers discover the Interval for themselves

    "The ambitious spirit that inspired the design of the shoe is being embraced by today's generation more than ever," Reebok's Asia Pacific Brand Director Wittman Chad clarifies the rationale behind the bringback in a press release. The circle of fans has expanded over the years. While the Reebok Interval has always enjoyed a celebrated existence in the U.S. athletics scene due to its running origins, it has become a highly sought-after shoe among breakdancers, especially in Asia.

    And what about the homage now? In addition to the classic OG colorway in red, blue and white, the Reebok Intv 96 now also appears in a "USA variant" with star-spangled blue, whose look is strongly reminiscent of the Reebok warm-up outfits worn by the US basketball team at the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona. The tracksuits caused controversy in the run-up to the games, as many of the Dream Team's players were signed to other outfitters and showed little willingness to wear the third-party outfits. During the legendary gold medal ceremony - the Dream Team had unsurprisingly dominated all other nations during the tournament and set records that are still valid today - a certain Michael Jordan, among others, cleverly covered the Reebok logo with a US flag.

    Whether a deliberate reference or not, we at asphaltgold are happy to be among the select retailers selling the shoe.

    Online release: 16.01. | 00:00 (CET)

    Here you can find the Reebok Intv 96 in our online store