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  • Neu im Sortiment: ANOTHER ASPECT


    With ANOTHER ASPECT we are proud to welcome another Danish brand to our portfolio!

    Founded by three friends in Copenhagen, ANOTHER ASPECT is quite a young brand that fits perfectly into today's zeitgeist with its Scandinavian aesthetics and sustainable concept.

    -> To ANOTHER ASPECT in our online shop


    True to its motto of "creating timeless elements in responsible materials", the brand places particular emphasis on sustainability. Production therefore focuses on selected fabrics that cause as little harm to the environment as possible. For example, recycled cotton, Tencel and fabric remnants are used in the design process. Because: the pieces should be sustainable and the ecological footprint should be low at best. The special thing about ANOTHER ASPECT is that the high quality is not lost as well!


    To ensure that you don't just get the most out of ANOTHER ASPECT's pieces in terms of materials, the brand also focuses on timeless designs that harmonise perfectly with the sustainable and high-quality materials.

    The founders focus on classic collections that can be easily integrated into everyday life thanks to their cut and functionality. The brand is therefore happy to forego fancy trends or special extras. The clothes should be versatile and not be discarded after just one season. The appeal: buy higher quality and less.

    The result is stylish and modern collections that reflects the clean Scandinavian aesthetic and can be shopped with a clear conscience.

    You can find the first drop of ANOTHER ASPECT Apparel in our online shop now.

    -> To ANOTHER ASPECT in our online shop

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