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  • adidas NITE JOGGER - asphaltgold NITE DELIVERY

    adidas NITE JOGGER - asphaltgold NITE DELIVERY

    The motto of the new adidas NITE JOGGER is "It's never too late" and that's exactly the mission Dani was on last Friday. The lucky winners of our NITE DELIVERY-Raffle got their adidas NITE JOGGER delivered by Dani the same night! Check out the recap video for all the impressions from this fast-paced night.

    Inspired by the original from 1979, this year adidas brings the NITE JOGGER in a new design and hits the retrofuture zeitgeist again. Equipped with reflective highlights, the NITE JOGGER not only features its unique look but also the progressive BOOST sole. Thus, two guarantors of success meet: In 1979, Adidas launched the world's first running shoe with reflective three stripes and elements on the heel area. The original idea of providing more safety on the streets quickly developed into a design element and becomes the central statement in the new NITE JOGGER.

    The new NITE JOGGER also bears the reflectors in the three stripes, in the heel area and is supplemented with reflective laces. In addition to the tone-on-tone three stripes, there is only an adidas logo on the inside of the retro tongue and on the BOOST sole. The logo doesn't come alone on the NITE JOGGER, however, but with an enigmatic message in Morse code that is also picked up on the outsole. The translation "Speed of Nite" also shows the reference to the old running shoe here and rounds out the concept with adidas' most successful sole technology.

    The eye-catching stitching in the upper in combination with the opaque Morse code messages make the shoe an urban, almost unfinished style. The NITE JOGGER heralds a new approach to design and is sure to turn heads in the nightlife.

    The Hero colorway comes in dark mesh and nylon ripstop, black suede overlays and a navy blue lining. Signal Orange, borrowed from the OG, is found in the mudguard and heel. The black BOOST sole is connected to the heel by a solid heel clip. The Nite Jogger celebrates its release on 12.01. with us online and in-store!

    London Launch Event

    At the same time as our NITE DELIVERY the adidas launch event for the NITE JOGGER took place in London. Of course we didn't miss the chance to be part of it. Together with the adidas originals crew and friends, we were able to go to a versatile program. In an old industrial complex the physical well-being was taken care of - there was a specially installed fried chicken station as well as a late-night pizza delivery. Perfectly prepared for the party, later in the evening London rapper Ambush performed a sound that suited this event like no other. Thanks for having us!