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    Nike Free at Asphaltgold

    Run the way you're meant to. With the Nike Free the brand had a clear goal: to create a sneaker to develop a sneaker that adapts to the foot. The result was a kick with an extremely flexible sole and lightweight upper that convinced with a pleasant barefoot feeling. In the meantime, the Free series from Nike has built up a fan base among athletes and sneakerheads. At Asphaltgold you can find the hottest models and colorways to match your style. Set your feet free!

    It's a Movement: The genesis of the Nike Free

    The design of the first Nike Free was a revolution, because before that the running shoes of the brand were still characterized by an air-cushioned sole. However, a group of athletes who trained barefoot then provided the inspiration for the new kick: starting in 2001, Nike developed a sneaker with a low sole and breathable upper that was supposed to imitate the feeling of running barefoot. The highlight: The many slits in the sole rubber - the flex grooves - equip the shoe with a special flexibility that guarantees the foot maximum freedom of movement. In 2004, the first Nike Free 5.0 finally came onto the market.

    The numerical designation of the Nike Free series is based on the degree of barefoot feeling: 0.0 corresponds to walking without shoes, 10 to a standard running shoe. The decisive factor here is also the so-called offset, i.e. the difference in height between the heel and forefoot. In a barefoot shoe, this difference is almost equal to 0, the Nike Free 5.0 comes to 8 millimeters. In 2008, Nike optimized the Free range and was even able to undercut the value with the Nike Free 3.0: The new model's drop measured just 4 millimeters.

    The benefit of all this? The low cushioning of the sneaker makes it a gym for the foot: The muscles are trained, while at the same time stability improves when running. In addition, the sole structure supports the natural rolling behavior of the individual joints. This sporty aspect is also reflected in the look of the Nike Free, which combines athleticism and design with various materials such as mesh, suede overlays or textile uppers. A slim silhouette and elements with retro reflectors round out the shoes' concept.

    nike free terra vista nn pure platinum black wolf grey cool grey

    Designed for the Road: Nike Free Run

    More support with the same flexibility: As the successor to the Nike Free 5.0, the Nike Free Run is designed to close the gap between barefoot shoes and casual running shoes. That's why the drop is slightly higher - to better cushion the heel on asphalt. What remains are the lightweight uppers, which look great in bright colorways or mesh-suede combinations. However, it's not just athletes who benefit from the shoes' comfort, because the Nike Free Run also looks good in everyday life.

    If you're looking for a lightweight shoe, look no further than the Flyknit styles of the Nike Free Run. Here, the upper is knitted in one piece from a durable yarn, so the running shoes feel like a sock. The sneaker fits perfectly around your foot, offering support and breathability at the same time.

    A tip: If you're only used to normal running shoes so far, Nike Free Run are only suitable for shorter distances at first. Barefoot technology requires more inherent stability of the foot, so your muscles have to work harder. If you are not used to running in barefoot shoes, the strain on your feet and legs may be too great. So wear your Nike Free Run as an everyday sneaker first, until your muscles are familiar with the barefoot feeling. Then you can hit the ground running.

    Nike Free Terra Vista: Outdoor meets street style

    Stylish kicks that know no limit: The Nike Free Terra Vista is a skillful mash-up of a fashionable silhouette and high functionality. The sole structure makes the difference: deeper notches, a rougher profile and a larger forefoot-heel offset give you support and stability on any trail - without losing flexibility. A pull-on loop at the heel and the flexible lacing provide the right outdoor vibe.

    The highlight of the sneakers is the material mix. Depending on the model, a Nike Free Terra Vista is composed of synthetic textiles, soft suede, mesh or rubber. The different uppers form individual color areas that come together in subtle to gaudy colorways. Thus, the kicks are true eye-catchers that can be combined with casual jeans or cargo pants.

    Foot Freedom with Nike Free - for sports or in the city

    Many athletes and runners benefit from the barefoot feeling that Nike's Free range brings: the low cushioning of the sports shoes challenges the muscles, stabilizes the joints and trains the foot. Models like the Nike Free Run 2 are not only suitable for short-distance runs. The low sole creates a closer contact with the ground, which also pays off during strength training in the gym. If you run primarily on unpaved paths, a thicker sole with a greater drop is advantageous - as with the Nike Free Run Trail.

    However, a Nike Free also has the potential to become a daily driver: The sole structure of the shoe supports the rolling behavior of your foot and provides the optimal running feel. You describe your look as Athletic Leisure? Then a Nike Free is the next staple in your sneaker wardrobe. Not only the comfort of the kicks is convincing: The different upper material combos, silhouettes and colorways of the Frees provide the right touch of high fashion.

    Stay in Motion: Nike Free in the Asphaltgold online store

    Nike wanted to create a free space for the foot with the Free series - with success. Since 2004, the name "Nike Free" has stood for the combination of mobility and stability with low weight. The size of the toe box gives the foot more space, the upper material feels like a second skin - a running feeling that carries you through everyday life or sports. At the same time, the sneaker manufacturer is always making new updates to the kicks, for example with a rougher outdoor sole structure or a Flyknit upper.

    At Asphaltgold, you can find Nike Free models for men and women that will bring your outfits to a new level - with cool color combos or exciting silhouettes. If you're a fan of the lightweight shoes, click through the other Nike styles with the woven Flyknit upper. While you're at it, don't forget to check out our sizing chart info or the Asphaltgold Fittingroom so you'll always know how the sneaker will fit and which shoe size is right for you.

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